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An avid reader. Yeah, that’s all I am going to say,folks.
Yicheng is the author of
What if the reason we haven’t discovered aliens yet is because they had already visited us and the government kept it secret from the public?
A world where everyone is ranked. The ones with the lowest rank gets executed.
What would the world be like when we have the technology to revive the dead?
A fantasy story of the battle between science and magic. As it transcends the boundaries of time, history get involved.
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Space opera is a brilliant genre. This author promises his readers a magnificent journey into space! My educated opinion on space: it's cool. :)
"The problem with living a really long life, is that sometimes you outlive your star." A rogue planet tumbles through the cosmos; while its people desperately search for a new home in an alien system, before being jettison back out into space.
A very well-written story told by a very good writer! This book deserves to get 750 preorders! :)
So you’ve inadvertently trapped an ancient trans-dimensional god in your backyard shed; what do you do? That’s what Venus McKenzy and her friends would like to know.
Brilliantly illustrated book with an pitch. Politics is always an awkward topic, I like how the it pokes fun at it! Preorder this book!
A children’s book for adults (who occasionally behave like kids). The one book about politics that won’t destroy your family and friendships if you read it together. (It might even save them.)
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by Isaac Asimov
by Andy Weir
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