Final, true, honest, for realsies.

FINAL RELEASE DATE:  MARCH 20TH!!!!  I’m looking to book a bookstore or cafe for a release party.  More updates to follow.  

I wish for every last one of you to succeed in chasing your dreams!  

There will be a longer post on Saturday, but know I am almost beyond words with excitement!!!  Please share with friends and family that Borehole Bazaar will be released on March 20th.  Please contact me with any questions, either here on InkShares or via direct email at generosity20@gmail.com.

I usually like brief updates, so I’ll treat y’all to the same.

The book is delayed.  It’s partly my bad, partly related to the difficulties of coordinating many busy people, and partly good tidings.  I’m hoping for a release on The Ides of March, as that seems, thematically, apropos.  

On the plus side, all that needs to happen presently is a slight doctoring of some files and the final printing.  Yay!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Unless there are delays,

BB will

release in thirty days.

It’s a poem I’ve been wanting to write for ages.  Congrats to us all, and I wish everyone FANTASTIC success!!!

I am so very happy with all of us!  We are still looking at a February release, which is FANTASTIC!!!  Even if it’s a little late, that’s still in the first quarter of the year.  :D  

I also have some more good news:  the cover art for Book Two of A Vow Unbroken (The series name for Borehole Bazaaris at the middling draft phase!  The initial artist’s portfolio can be seen here, and the final digital correction artist’s portfolio can be seen here

 I wish every last one of you FANTASTIC success, by whatever measure it is defined, and hope the coming weeks bring you great joy!

This will be brief.

Set launch date is February 26th

Bookmarks and hand painted postcards will be delivered with the books (if I can convince Inkshares to let me piggyback).  Otherwise, they will be sent at launch.

Y’all are awesome and I have treasured your support.  If ever you need an ear or a second set of eyes, please send me a line on Facebook (Kendra Namednil) or gmail (generosity20@gmail.com).  I can hardly wait for the coming New Year!

-- Warm thoughts always, 

.                           Kendra Namednil

This is a very brief update.

First, if you do not wish to receive updates, please email me at generosity20@gmail.com with the word "unsubscribe" or "stop" or any such thing.  I will add you to the master list so that you are not bothered again, and I apologize for inconveniencing you.

Second, the Copy Edits are finished and we’re looking at releasing around the Ides of March!

The cover art is updated, and pre-orders can now be placed through Amazon.com.  Either click the link or search Namednil.  The other book is mine as well.  It is a trashy vampire romance novel.  Folks seem to like it, but it is unedited and a little larger-than-life.  It’s also much more light-hearted than Borehole Bazaar.

I wish every last one of you TONS of success and joy in your endeavors!  If you’ve ANY questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

-- Kendra Namednil 

PS: Facebook and Gmail are the fastest ways to contact me.

Howdy and good tidings to all!

I have some very big news!  But I am waiting on a few final pieces to fall into place before sharing all the wonderful details.  It shall have to suffice to say that my game of Hurry Up and Wait has started to pay off.

To everyone, I wish you good luck and much success in all your ventures.  To my fellow bibliophiles, authors and readers alike, I wish you the kinds of dreams that come true, no matter how unlikely, and the kind of truths that are as dreams.  

-- Kendra Namednil.

           This isn’t much of an update, but I did wish to mention that, much though I love my cover art, there will soon be an alternate cover by the wonderful artist Caity Hackett.  This change is simply to weigh how heavily the book is judged, proverbially speaking, by its cover.  

             Also, I wished to express congratulatory sentiments with each and every winner of the Nerdist Contest and my utmost encouragement for everyone who fell a touch short.  That was an exciting, super-fast , mad dash to the finish line and no mistake!  I assure you, if it had been a fantasy competition, I’d have thrown in for keeps, too.  Alas, Science Fiction is fascinating to read but not the least my strength in the writing of...  yet.

              In the meantime, here’s a picture of Trooper.  He was adopted a few years ago and, at the last report, spends his days curled all the way around a few,  gods, she must be six by now, year old girl with her back on his side and his head and tail on her lap, all curled up on the couch.  (The jeans belong to yours truly.  The grass is from Golden Gate Park)

.                                               *                          *                         *

Good tidings and greetings to all of my followers!  

I have been in some measure of communication with the InkShares team and have a little bit to report, though not all that much, and I have received one too many questions about Borehole Bazaar in the context of BDSM and so have written a detailed response to these inquiries on my blog.

First, I offer the news:  While there are still a few souls ahead of me in the general cue, there have been efforts made to find the right editor for me.  While my information spans no more than this, it is a reasonable concern by InkShares to find a match that is uniquely suited to offer insight and critique into the subject of abuse.  I applaud this effort, though, as always, waiting with bated breath is not precisely my forte.  Still, it’s PROGRESS!!!  :D

To keep this brief, the distinction between BDSM and abuse, while quite clear to those within the two communities, is not always understood by those looking in from without.  To compound this issue, there are many authors who seem to either confuse the two or blend them.  In real life, very few issues are clearly one thing and perfectly absent its foil, but Borehole Bazaar is not a romance by any definition.  This issue may become more confused later into the series, but there is nothing either romantic or romanticized about abuse, with the possible exception of the near-perfect mask Fiorie wears in the Prolog and the sense of history established between the very old bugbear and his "pet" elf.  

I’ve posted a blog post on this issue at http://boreholebazaar.blogspot.com

Good luck with all your endeavors, everyone!  Remember, dreams are worth chasing!

This guy’s great at the Patience Game!

Why hello everyone!  I would like to apprise you of a few minor updates.  First and foremost, the book is (and has been) in cue to begin the formal publishing process (line-editing, second readthrough by a professional third party, sizing and formatting, cold readthrough, sending to the printing press, discussing marketing and an ideal release date, etc).  It has been for a little while and is, well, progressing.  Yay for the game of Hurry Up and Wait!

In the meantime, InkShares has rolled out a general policy wherein, if enough interest is generated at a later date,  more good things roll out for the project.  Yay!  I have also updated the quick blurb at the top of the "Funded" page to better describe the book.  If you, dear followers, haven’t checked out the new landing page, I would be honored if this effort was made.  The link is here.  

If you would prefer not to click on the link, the updated text is as follows:  

Surviving abuse leaves no soul unscathed, and this is especially true of Ptielieren, an elite elvish bodyguard involuntarily integrated into an aversive-heavy culture.  Strength can exist absent a ringing victory and weakness does not signify defeat.

The word count available for this introductory blurb is truncated but I think it gives a better overview of the content.  As always, I love emails and direct messages and am always happy to reply to messages on Facebook.  I wish a wonderful day and, to those who celebrate Yom Kippur, may your fast be an easy one.

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