Laramie dean headshot 2019 Laramie Dean · Author · added 2 months ago
Thanks Annabelle!  And thanks to the whole team at Drum!

Hi everyone!  As I’m preparing all my author information and getting ready to begin edits, I would super duper appreciate it if you would follow me on Instagram at @bylaramiedean which is my professional author Instagram (I’m also @bylaramie on Twitter and ByLaramieDean on Facebook).  Thank you friends!

Userphoto2 original Annabelle Blair · Reader · added 2 months ago
Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to read!!!
Sde3z fa Mary Dezember · Author · edited 2 months ago · 1 like
Congratulations, Laramie! I am so happy and excited for you!  And I am excited to be a Black Forest reader!
Laramie dean headshot 2019 Laramie Dean · Author · added 3 months ago
Thanks, Jacqui!!!!  I really appreciate it!
Onat790s Jacqui Castle · Author · edited 17 days ago · 1 like
Congratulations! Welcome to the Inkshares authors team :)

We made it, friends - thanks to my dear friend Amy, we crossed the finish line at about noon today ... we’re in production now!!!  I’ll keep you all posted as we go - I can’t believe it!  And thank you all SO SO SO MUCH ... your belief in me and your support mean EVERYTHING.  This has been my dream since I was a little boy clacking away on a big hundred pound slate-blue typewriter my mom brought home from the school library sale.  And you’re all making it possible.  I love you and thank you!

Laramie dean headshot 2019 Laramie Dean · Author · added 3 months ago
Thank you, Stephen - I really appreciate that!
Profilepic Stephen Harrison · Author · edited 3 months ago · 1 like
Enjoyed the sample chapters! It’s a small detail but I really like the descriptions of Theo’s dancing. Wishing you luck!

So excited tonight, y’all -- we reached 375 pre-orders tonight, which is the halfway point!  Thank you all SO MUCH!!!  We can do this!

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