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Laramie Dean

Laramie Dean is a Montana writer of queer horror fiction and the director of theatre at Hellgate High School. He has recently published several short stories and plays. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook at bylaramiedean.
Laramie is the author of
During his first year at college, Nathan must deal with the ghosts of missing dead boys and his suspicion that the man he loves may be a demon responsible for their deaths. LGBTQ horror inspired by Shirley Jackson.
Haunted by the ghost of a jealous warlock, David must revisit his past in order to lay the spirit of his first love to rest.
Books Laramie Recommends
Couldn't put it down; the prose and scares carried me right up until that last terrifying page.
It was supposed to be a simple publicity stunt: four famous horror authors spending the night in one of the world’s most notorious haunted houses. But their presence awakens an evil that will haunt them long after they leave...
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