Ricky Ruszin

During the day I’m an elementary school educator. At night I’m a writer. Kind of like Batman, except I don’t fight crime. Okay...not like Batman at all. "Showtime" is my second novel.
Ricky is the author of
College student Jordan risks his life traveling to the past to find and stop the man responsible for the talent show massacre that caused his grandmother’s death.
After a recent trauma, first grade teacher Terra begins to see a tall, horned figure in her home which she must confront—and uncover what it wants—before it’s too late.
Books Ricky Recommends
Farley's style is incredibly accessible with descriptions that paint a full picture. His main character is established quickly and efficiently while posing an interesting mystery and chapter endings that leave you compelled to read more.
Tragedy swallows an idyllic small town when a boy is found dead atop the local lighthouse. While hunting for his killer, a young detective who harbors her own destructive secret discovers a threat that could unravel the very fabric of reality.
Books Ricky recently read
by Scott Thomas
by Stephen King
by Christopher Golden
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