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The Decision

A Dragon’s way of suicide

Chapter 3

The Decision of the new Keeper of the Soul-burst

Sonstrum found his way to the Angel’s domain within a few days. The Angel led him to the Palace of the Dragons. All the previous owners of the soul-burst gather here, to decide the new dragon to inherit the soul-burst. The other dragons all told Sonstrum the whole situation with all the dark dragons and the bright-scales who turned evil. He couldn’t believe that Rinaz was evil.

“No!” Sonstrum screamed in anger. “ How could she do something like this, how can she betray her family, her nature, and everyone in bright-scale mountain that ever loved her. Why is she doing this!? What purpose does she have for all of this!? What will all this do for her!?” None of the dragons in the palace knew the answer to any of his questions.

When Sonstrum finally calmed down, all the dragons started to discuss which hatchling should inherit the soul-burst. Sonstrum suggested that all but one of Rinaz’s hatchlings should inherit the soul-burst. You see normally only one dragon is allowed to have the soul-burst at a time.

“Only one dragon is supposed to inherit the soul-burst ability per lifetime for the duration of their life.” said Scyfel.

“Yes” said Angel. “But these are extremely dire times for the living dragons.”

“That is true, we need several protecters of the soul-burst.” said Zarak. “I agree with Sonstrum we need to give the soul-burst to those that are least likely to be destroyed by the dark mistress.”

Every single dragon in the palace then decided to divide the soul-burst between six of Rinaz’s seven children. The fifty dragons in the palace banned together and divided all their powers into six powerful, elemental orbs, each orb had a different elemental attribute. The elements used were Air, Earth, Fire, Forest, Water, and the final orb was the embodiment of light and darkness in perfect harmony. The dragons who separated their powers into these orbs did it in such a manner that the six dragons receiving the powers would have to use their power together to make it as effective as possible.

Rinaz’s seven children hatched that day. There were four dark dragons and three bright-scaled dragons. The dark dragons names are Kreav, Zarvek, Venra, and Frazek. The bright-scaled names are Karaz, Prazac, and Sivel. Kreav had Blood-red scales so he received the power of Fire, Zarvek had mainly Black scales with stripes of White scales so he received the power of Light/Darkness, Venra had midnight-blue scales with streaks of white scales so she received the power of Air, Frazek had dark brown scales so he received the power of Earth, Sivel had blue scales so she received the power of Water, and Karaz had green scales so she received the power of the Forest. Prazac didn’t receive any powers.