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Chapter 2: The Dark Empress Emerges

A Dragon’s way of suicide

Chapter 2

The Dark Empress Emerges

One of the minor dark dragons, Zarin, escaped from the fight just in time to survive the soul-burst. He fled as soon as his master started to fight the bright-scaled dragon. Zarin saw his family destroyed before his very eyes, by the Master Bright-scale, he wanted revenge, so he headed for the Bright-scales domain on top the highest mountain in the world, but found Rinaz on a cliff several miles from her home. Zarin told Rinaz what had happened. Rinaz already knew, she saw the soul-burst from the cliff.

“Why did you run!?” said Rinaz, “Your supposed to stay and help your master during battle! Why did you leave him!? Why did you leave Ravek to die!? He has done nothing but help you survive since you turned on your family and became a dark dragon.”

“I know mistress but he told me to leave him, Ravek told us all to let him fight his brother alone. He told us to make sure his brother wouldn’t be able to escape should he try, Then after he told everybody that he came to me and told me to run if things started to turn sour. So I ran. Granted I could have waited a little longer, but if I had, I wouldn’t be here. At least not in whole.”

Rinaz knew that Zarin had to be telling the truth but she didn’t want to believe it. She knew how foolish her mate was, but for him to fight his brother the second most powerful bright-scaled dragon alone. She knew her mate would do something like this but to die without reason she couldn’t believe it.

Thinking to herself, she begins to wonder, what would Ravek have done if he knew she had his children. Would he have changed his ways completely? No! He wouldn’t have changed at all, he still would have got himself killed. He probably would have done it in a less selfish way but he still would have gotten himself killed.

“Mistress, what are you thinking about? I may not have been the only one to survive. There may be others. Maybe some of the bright-scales are tired of the way they live and want to get back at the Angel dragon.” Said Zarin, “Maybe we can have the exiled dark dragons living in Akuma Mountain help us.”

“Huh?” said Rinaz, “What? Oh, yes, maybe your right but we can’t just go around bright-scale mountain asking if any of the dragons want change. You would be killed at the gate. Besides that, we need to figure out who has inherited the soul-burst! Then we need to kill them! I highly doubt the exiled dragons would help the ones who sent them away.”

“Yes, Mistress” said Zarin, “You and I both know that it can only be inherited by a dragon the Angel wishes it on, and that Dragon isn’t born until the previous owner of the soul-burst, has met with the Angel and discussed the next dragon deserving of it. Mistress? Even if we kill the new users of the Soul-burst, won’t the power just be transfered to another hatchling?”

All dragons learn at birth about the soul-burst, and about how it is decide who gets it when the previous owner dies.

The soul-burst exists to eradicate all evil. The soul-burst will cease to exist when all evil is eliminated, and will be given back to the bright-scaled dragons should evil ever appear again.

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