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Chapter 1: The Ends Beginning

A Dragon’s Way of Suicide

Chapter 1

The Ends Beginning

Written by: Jeffrey J. Fleis

        It was once an unknown world, but now dragons flourish. They now rule the planet and create all that is known to man. They are deities and humans their servants.

        Ravek, the dark dragon, with pure black eyes of hatred, wanted nothing to do with the half decayed corpse of a lion. “What is this? Are there no more for us to hunt?”

        “No Sire.” said Naraz. Naraz was a small dragon, about the size of three full grown cows, and was as young as a three year old human child. He was a dull gray color with bright brown eyes. “The bright scaled ones are pushing us back, they eat all the food and are killing off our best hunters.”

        “Damn the Angel, Damn all of them!” Ravek’s anger was one of pure evil, with his powerful hind legs and his talons as sharp and long as katanas, he lashed out with fury and cut the little dragons head clean off. “I’ll destroy those akuma killers!, I will burn them to ashes and make their corpses my domain.”

        Sonstrum, the most magnificent bright-scaled dragon, was in a daze. He had nothing left, for he was old and the days of battle wearing him down. He was  beautiful, he was pure white with dark blue eyes, his whole body was covered with scars from distant battles.

        “It has to stop, they have to stop, with every passing day the skies grow darker and more of them emerge.” Said Sonstrum with a puff of smoke. He walked out of his cave and sat at the Cliffside, about five-hundred feet from the ground. The blue scaled one walked behind him “yes”, she said, “but you are the one to stop Ravek and his evil ways. All is lost without your soul-burst, it is all you have to kill the black heart.”

        A troubled look crossed Sonstrum’s exhausted face. “But with each  passing night Ravek’s black heart grows stronger, and my soul-burst weaker. The days are growing shorter and the nights longer. Soon I will be nothing, strong as a fledgling.”

        “Yes”, said Rinaz, “but don’t forget that a fledglings heart can determine the fate of an empire. Ravek changed my brothers heart and made it weak. Now my brother Naraz is dead, if you don’t use that soul-burst of yours, I’m afraid more of our angels will die. Your mother raised one to many devils then she could put down, now Sonstrum, it is time, Kill your brother!”

        “Yes, I fear you are right.” Said Sonstrum, “But with each passing moment he grows stronger, I have to kill him today!” With a roar and a blast of fire from his huge nostrils, he jumped and plummeted five-hundred feet down, he knew he would die, but to save all dragon kind, and to kill Ravek, he would gladly give his life.

        While on his way to the dark kingdom, Sonstrum was deep in thought. Father, Angel, one who protects all bright-scales, give me strength to kill my bastard of a brother. Only one can use the soul-burst, and when I die, it will be inherited by another, who will lead my hatchlings.

        Rinaz, the blue dragon, knew what would happen to the old white dragon. Little does he know she is Ravek’s mate, she knew her brother would die, she wanted him to, he was too soft of a star-breather. He could make new worlds yet he only wanted to settle for peace on one. What a fool. “I want all the dragons to bow before us, or for them all to perish with the old fool!”

        “Let him come, nobody is to fight him, I have been waiting a while to kill my brother” said Ravek. His desire to kill the Angel’s right hand dragon will be the death of him. “After this fight, all of this miserable planet will be under rule of the Akuma.”

        Sonstrum was on his way to eradicate his demon of a brother, who he has long hated since the day they were born. All his life was mere practice for this day, he was going to fulfill his destiny.

        When the two dragons met, there was no hesitation, they started their final fight. Through tooth and claw they ripped each other to shreds. Sonstrum’s life started to fade, through his final breath he drew out his soul-burst, it was the most beautiful thing, it looked like a huge priceless diamond, and destroyed himself and every damn demon within three leagues (9.3 miles).

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