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An avid reader and host of If you think you have an interesting story message me via Twitter. I’d love to read and review it. Advertise your novel at my website via ProjectWonderful!
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Reminds me of a Brian Jacques "Redwall" story. If you are a fan of anthropomorphic characters then this is for you. This story has promise.
When Finley meets a sketchy old fox in local pub, he finds out what role his family had in his world falling apart, and pulling itself back together.
As someone who is familiar with the game Rust, this feels very true to the game. Explores human nature without laws or consequence. Interesting attempt at novelizing real events of real people in an unscripted game. This story has a lot of promise.
Monsters are real. Sometimes in order to fight monsters you must become one. A true story from the game-world of Rust. This is more than a game.
A real-life threat brought to life. This is a story that borrows from fact and explores theory through fiction. This is a story about human determination versus the universe. Who will win? I can't wait to find out. This story has a lot of promise.
Soon, the world will end. It will not end in fire or in ice. Rather, it will end in darkness. Can humanity overcome space and time itself? To survive we must turn science fiction into fact yet again...
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