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J.T.R. Russell

An avid reader and beginner Writer. Looking to share experience, be the best I can be and to tell a good story.
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What do a forgotten god, a comatose kid, and a pissed off demon all have in common?? That’d be me, Henry, the underpaid Gofer of the Gods. I’ll be your tour guide on this insane adventure that is my life.
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I have to say, you really get a feeling for who Debra and Lindsay are with each tale. Each story paints a picture and you start to feel like you are sitting down with the two as they talk about their lives. The more I read the more I wanted to know.
Two women trade stories of their failed romantic endeavors while on a date at a coffee shop.
A gripping read and a wonderful premise. Aohdan is definitely someone you should be looking out for. A new twist on an old classic and one that should be on your bookshelf.
In a world where humans and faeries co-exist, the Fae Patriarch of Boston’s criminal underworld must choose between a role he never wanted, one that will change the Seelie Court forever, and the destruction of everything he loves.
K.E. has an amazing way of painting a picture in you mind. Each paragraph hooks you and make you want to read more. Make should you add Silver Eyes to your must read list.
Raised by adopted parents, Elwyn discovers a surprising event on her sixteenth birthday that changes her whole world. Wanting to find out who she really is, Elwyn leaves home to go on a adventure.
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