William Keaton

I’m a screenwriter/professional kitchen sink thrower.
William is the author of
When a vicious pack of stray dogs invade a small Oregon town, a troubled Police Chief discovers they’re carrying a horrifying strain of rabies.
Books William Recommends
A wonderful and brutal journey through an epically imaginative world of elves, orcs and hobgoblins. Also new creatures I've never heard of. It's a deeper read than I expected. A touch of Tolkien and even a shade of World of Warcraft, it was a good escape.
Surviving abuse leaves no soul unscathed, and this is especially true of Ptielieren, an elite elvish bodyguard involuntarily integrated into an aversive-heavy culture.  Strength can exist absent a ringing victory and weakness does not signify defeat.
Sharp action featuring a sly and fierce female protagonist set within the shadows of another time. Gripping and intriguingly dark. Very cool read.
Join Aurora and her comrades in their struggle to topple the corrupt Hand Council and change their world as they know it
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