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Seth Hartley

Born in California, fan of punk and metal music, sports and horror.
Seth is the author of
The Necromancer, a serial killer targeting a coven in Reno, Nevada, fulfills his perversions through a cult of his undead victims. Teddy, a detective and member of the coven, must end his terror, with the help of her fanatic friend Robby.
Books Seth Recommends
This is very ominous, an awesome start to a solid horror.
A failing magazine writer and a nightclub hostess take a break from the world on a derelict plantation in rural Tennessee. As the ghosts of the past thicken the atmosphere, each must face the horrible price of peace.
Step 4 had me laughing! This book is awesome and I really look forward to getting a copy.
Amazing world building. I really care about these characters.
A new Queen is ambushed, murdered, oddly raised from the dead, and captured. Now she must escape an arena where she is forced to fight other female slaves, to the death, for bandit pleasure - all the while trying to understand her new undead body.
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