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Sarah Archer Moulton

First-time novelist, several-time screenwriter, many-time reader.
Sarah is the author of
What do you do when you’re a brilliant robotics engineer but all your mom cares about is that you’re single? You build the perfect boyfriend to get her off your back! And then you fall in love with him! And then you’re screwed.
Books Sarah Recommends
"Murder Happens" is darkly entertaining and tonally pitch-perfect. It's a murder mystery with something more.
A territorial psychiatrist must find the murderer hunting his patients before the police pin the crimes on him.
The stories in "The Wolf in the Woods" offer a satisfying mix of sci-fi and fantasy, of the weird and the spooky. The bite-size format is the perfect way to lose yourself in a different world, a day at a time. An engaging read!
I love the off-kilter tone of this and how it combines historical fiction and fantasy. Definitely a fun concept!
9 geek-culture loving, bantering punk kids are pitted against an evil, sexy warlord from another dimension and her demented plans for revenge. There are ghosts and pirate treasure and alien gods and alchemy and exorcisms and lots of weird stuff too.
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