Tom Kottackal,

Tom from India, works as a missionary. Though very much interested in writing, I have not yet published any work. I have the training and 26 years of experience in spiritual guidance and counseling as a background to my writing work.
Tom is the author of
A girl with fire within works to achieve her end goal to be a person for others through self-sacrifices, facing odds with love, sacrificing small defeats for greater victory. She motivates all to act for common-good and sacrifices her own life.
Books Tom Recommends
For drawing courage to face life's struggles with fortitude this book is a pointer. I recomend this book for everybody's reading.
A boy with cerebral palsy from war-torn former Yugoslavia tells his story about growing up in Germany and the United States.
All those who are interested in the right knowledge of original spices I recommend this book, a must read.
The diverse uses of herbs and spices present in culinary, cosmetic, industry and medicine are reflected in our present everyday life in one form or the other. Though this is not a complete list, it covers a wide variety of spices and herbs.
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