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Nya Eldrige

An avid reader.
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VERY Interesting
The Son of the Deceiver can be heard. The Sword craves a hand to wield it. Ghosts of the Four threaten to swallow the world in madness. A soldier turned outlaw and an outcast called witch hold the keys to salvation … if love doesn’t damn them first.
The Death, Undeath, and Capture Chapter! I did not see that coming! And what a unique scene, I've never read anything like it!
A new Queen is ambushed, murdered, oddly raised from the dead, and captured. Now she must escape an arena where she is forced to fight other female slaves, to the death, for bandit pleasure - all the while trying to understand her new undead body.
simply awesome
A preposterous fantasy crisis with resolutions remarkable and losses lamentable.  May contain minotaur tea parties.
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