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John Kim

An avid reader.
John is the author of
The planet Lexu was on the brink of war when they first received the message from space.  It was sent from global cluster Solaria about 25,000 starlight cycles ago from a planet called Earth and since then Lexu has been forever changed.
A Massively Multiplayer Online Game called Project Mars is released globally on July 20, 2019, 50 years after the first landing on the moon.   Emma Le’s only advantage is her knowledge of human history and a life time of gaming.  Will it be enough?
Sun Cells power the outpost on Pluto that’s an Early Warning Station for Earth but only two months supply remain...
Books John Recommends
the story grips you from the very beginning and paints a vivid picture of a bleak situation.
The first crewed mission to Mars starts off in 2031 with sabotage, but no one really knows why. The team of seven needs to work together to survive the unforgiving surface of Mars, but a lack of honesty threatens to tear them apart.
The opening few lines hooked me and writing style is very visually descriptive. Can't wait to read it all!
With the help of a fugitive AI robot, a teenager framed by the most powerful organization on Earth, sets out to clear his name and expose a dark and terrible truth to the world.
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