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E.K Jacobs

An actress, singer and avid reader/writer.
E.K is the author of
Luna Mond knows that something in her family is quite off, but when she realizes that she was right, things start to get weird...................
Animals discover that a new pet was added to the Farmer’s family. A poetic Children’s book.
A poetic children’s book that follows the story of the animals on a farm.......
It starts with rain. Rain pouring down from the heavens and onto Rachael Miller. This is where she meets him.
After a horrible tragedy, Anders gains possession of a century-old fruit stand.
A boy finds out that he is going to boarding school, but it isn’t exactly what he thought it was. And then he meets Her.
When his sickly father declares that he must save the world, a young boy is thrust into a dark forest filled with monsters, witches, and worse.
Books E.K Recommends
This book is extremely well written, and the massive amounts of description make it easy to picture every single movement in your mind. This book is totally worth buying.
Join Aurora and her comrades in their struggle to topple the corrupt Hand Council and change their world as they know it
I had hear such good things about this book. Someone got hooked on the first four chapters. So that's all I have read, and oh My GOD! This book is really good. I love the characters viewpoint on seeing dead victims. intriguing and a must-read!
A dark thriller about a group of women tired of waiting for the law to handle abusive men.
This book looks really good. The characters are hilarious and the cartooning is great. You should really check it out!
A children’s book for adults (who occasionally behave like kids). The one book about politics that won’t destroy your family and friendships if you read it together. (It might even save them.)
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