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Cem (dʒem) in old Turkish means: he who pens dark tales by the light of candles made from the rendered fat of his fallen enemies. Or, you know, just a name.
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Well it is my novel, so of course I recommend it. WotS is my take on one of my all time favourites, Brian Lumley's Necroscope series. Minus the vampires and necromancy. Plus a liberal dash of snarky female MC. But otherwise COMPLETELY the same!
Action, monsters, emotion. What more could you want?
To save her city, Alexis will have to unearth a wicked scheme, confront family secrets, and learn that demons are often inherited.
This sounded right up my alley - intriguing and dark - and the first chapter promises that and more.
Jonna Pruitt is a criminal. After serving consecutive life sentences what’s an immortal girl to do with so much freedom?
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by Jim McDoniel
by Justin R. Macumber
by J. F. Dubeau
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