Hello, friends!

Just a quick update to let you know that if you ordered a paperback, those will be shipped to you within the next two weeks and for e-books, those will be made available as well in short time.

For our local Southern California peeps, we’ll be hosting our book release/signing party at the Barnes & Noble in Chino Hills, on Saturday, August 13, from 2 pm to 4 pm - we’d love to see you there!   (Matt might or might not actually wear a FULL plate of armor... ok, probably not, but maybe Adam?)

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Sweet! Congrats, guys! Super stoked to read it!

Hearken, loyal readers and supporters! For those of you who pre-ordered paperbacks, they’ve been signed and will soon be on their way! And everyone will be receiving their e-book  copies very soon...(and if the skull seems uh, weird, it will make more sense at that point in time...  or you can just read THIS!)

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Congrats @Adam Greven and Matt Deller ! And welcome to the Quill Club! :)

Friends Proper, by now you might’ve received an Inkshares missive concerning our humble book entering into production – and as we descend into the infernal fires of editing hell, we wanted to take a moment to raise our cups (we can never do this enough) and say thank you for your continued support and patronage, here’s to each and every one of you!


Knights assemble! Gravewalkers gather before us! (and Untoten crawl/lurch/stumble forth, no, we didn’t forget you)

 Yes, it’s still a few hours away, but we think it’s duly time to raise a toast and congratulate authors Joseph Asphahani, Matthew Isaac Sobin and Craig Munro for winning the Sword and Laser Contest and also to the rest of authors participating – it’s worth your time in checking out their books and throwing them a pre-order or two!

 We also wanted to thank all of our supporters for pre-ordering THE KNIGHT PROPER in the last three weeks or so – we have nothing but great things to say about our Inkshares experience and we’re also happy to say that the book should be in your hands, sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you posted in the weeks to come and again, we truly appreciate you picking up your swords and following us into battle...


 Adam and Matt  

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Hype Wither 3 prequel
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Loving it, and enjoying the updates. Pumped for you guys, and I wish you both all the success in the world. I'll be along for the ride, for sure, enjoying the story as it unfolds!     

Hi folks! We'll be putting our time in this weekend with reviews, but as we're not quite at the funding stage ourselves, we still wanted to reach out and see if you could give us a spin in the review or the recommendation department. If you've already done so, we toast flagons of murky mead in your honor - if  not, here's a quick list of why you might want to check it out!

-          Zombies, Knights and Witches. Is there anything else you need to know?

-          Our witches are called “Gravewalkers”…and their magic system is derived from emotions, which is why they’re super-cool and super-freaking powerful around graveyards and cemeteries.

-          It’s also a twist on traditional necromancy…  and how different undead creatures could be created.

-          Our bard is definitely NOT your usual bard of lore.

-          If you loved the DnD setting of Ravenloft, this is basically Ravenloft in Medieval Germania.

-          At the end of the day, it’s still just about a dad trying to reconnect with his long-lost daughter.

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I dig it.
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