Oh my dearies, today you get a veritable basket of goodies.

HERE you have a lesson on Branding, a.k.a. Labeling. OVER HERE there’s an article on common items that hold folks back from living their fairy tale (plus some relevant information on how to remedy the situation). And then HERE is a journaling prompt on Fairy Tale Living to round things out.

But first, today’s worksheet is a veritable free-for-all because your story is yours to tell and to name, no one else’s.

Happy Questing,

Oh my dearies, today we’re going to slow down and pace ourselves.

This is important, too much momentum can make any tripping or falling more painful than it needs to be. The latest lesson on this Struggle is HERE and is more a reminder of the importance of keeping your pace steady; while the accompanying worksheet should be familiar to you and no less useful in maintaining that steadiness.

Also, there is a bonus journaling prompt up in the Facebook group OVER HERE if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Happy Questing,

Hullo Dearies, today I have for you two lessons and five worksheets. Wait, what? Bear with me, it’s gonna be fine.

First up, the lesson of Acquisition is HERE and a word on Guidance is OVER HERE. The FIVE worksheets in question are simply a few more quest boards, but this time Four of them have squares marked “Boon” to give you an idea of how to incorporate your acquisitions into your questing.

Also, I have an especial journaling prompt for you RIGHT HERE.

Happy Questing,

Alright, dearies, another day, another leg of the journey.

First up, I’d like to introduce you to The Donor Sequence right over HERE. Then, we’re going to shake things up with a mental exercise OVER HERE. And to round things out, there are instructions for your next journaling exercise RIGHT HERE that go along with today’s worksheets:

Finally, I’d like to ask that you — if you haven’t done so already — please be sure to share this project using whatever social media is at your disposal. We’ve still only had one pre-order so far, and there are just 55 days left to get this work into as many hands as possible.

Thank you.

Happy Questing,

Hullo Dearies, I know there was a delay there between updates, but I can assure you it was worth it.

There are three narratemes for you to work with: start HERE with Mediation, then come over HERE for a brief chat on Counteraction, and finish up HERE with Departure. Once you’ve gone over all that today’s worksheet will make perfect sense to you:

Plus, if you’re interested, there’s an article up OVER HERE on taking entrepreneurial advice from Ashenputtle (Cinderella), and OVER HERE there’s a bonus journaling prompt if you are so inclined.

Happy Questing,

Alright, m’dears, you know how I said you shouldn’t punch fear in the face because you’d basically be punching yourself in 97% of your own face? Well, what I have for you today is in keeping with that.

First up, we have the last of the first set of fear-positive lessons RIGHT HERE. Next, we have the introduction to the next four lessons OVER HERE. Finally, we have the first of those four lessons HERE.

Teaser: while the first set of narratemes were about playing nice with ourselves, the next set is about being patient with ourselves.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, today’s worksheet:

Also, if you mosey on OVER HERE to the Facebook group, you’ll find a bonus journaling prompt.

Happy Resting,

Alright, my darling Tricksters, it’s time to exert a little self-control.

In the most recent lesson on Trickery OVER HERE, we discussed little ways we’re more than likely to trip ourselves up, and now it’s time for you to use today’s worksheet to slow down and watch what you’re doing:

As a know-it-all, I find that reminding myself there’s always more to learn (even from those things I’m already sure I know) is a particularly useful practice.

Happy questing,


Oh, my dearies, in the lesson on Delivery HERE we’re talking about how to take a healthier approach to questioning ourselves and starting a list of allies for when we need them.

As such, your next goody is part worksheet, part cheatsheet:

Also, in case you haven’t signed up to get them by email, I have an article HERE about Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl” while OVER HERE a new journaling prompt is up on the topic of Everyday Magic.

Happy Questing,

Holy Christmas, Holy Christmas, Holy Christmas.

You guys, I am so excited to be sending this update to you. The lesson on Reconnaissance is HERE and there are no less than 4 worksheets associated with this lesson.

Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s all very straightforward stuff, reviewing what you’ve already done and just making a little shift in perspective in order to continue building your new questing muscles.

But we are reaching a level of mild gamification here and I am just so stoked to be sharing this with you:

ALSO, the last time I sent you an update, I forgot to mention that 31 Days of Narratemes is now taking pre-orders! You may be asking yourself: Why didn’t this weirdo let us know the day of going live, why did she wait for a Reader Update and then another when she forgot to do it the first time?
Fun fact: I have OCD subtype Sinner/Doubter, so when I make a routine/schedule for how and when I’m going to pop into your inbox, I follow the routine/schedule because respecting your time is respecting you.

Not-so-secret fact: this guided journal I’m creating is how I went from full-on hoarding compulsion to a clean apartment. My next Inkshares project will be a kind of memoir about that, but for now going HERE and pre-ordering the journal is totally an option.

Happy Questing,

Well now, dearie, aren’t we coming right along?

The writing is going ahead of schedule, everything is posting on time, and pre-orders are now available. Busy bees are humming up in here! There’s even a workshop on The Shivers OVER HERE in the Facebook group, the visuals are weird but I stand behind what I’ve made for you 100%.

HERE is the lesson on the Violation of the Interdiction, wherein we begin to get our questing on. As well we should, because questing is all about learning and growing and ain’t that just a big ol’ part of life? Anyhoo, here is the accompanying worksheet for the lesson:

By the way, there’s a Facebook group over HERE where lessons are shared immediately after being posted to Inkshares (in case you don’t want to wait for the worksheets, and just want to get a jump on the journaling). Also, I post special journaling prompts in the group on the mornings that new lessons come out which can provide a little nudge on those days you feel like participating in the Morning Writing.

For new readers, you can find my live-streamed writing accountability practice HERE if you’d like to join in. I just found out how to join in the Live Chat portion, so here’s hoping that doesn’t derail my own progress, haha!

Happy Questing,

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