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05: Delivery

Remember how, in the last narrateme, I mentioned that our subconscious is always in a state of reconnaissance? Well, no matter how proactive we are (marking the squares in our grid, learning new info/patterns to put our subconscious at ease) that never stops.

When we go against the norms - as perceived by our subconscious / inner critic / villain - our subconscious goes on high alert looking for danger. We are in "new territory" and so it believes it needs to be on guard.

So while we are moving forward on our quest in whatever way we can, it is important to remember that our subconscious is looking for reasons to retreat. It is looking for that one piece of the puzzle it can use to hijack our quest, putting us off course or stopping our quest altogether.

The moment it finds this information is known in this narrateme as delivery. It was hoping for an antidote to this questing thing, and it has finally got it!

This means that, in our questing, we have to be on our guard consciously as well. We have to be on the lookout for whether an action we are taking is one of our choosing or that of our subconscious.

Because our subconscious is primarily concerned with issues of survival, we must consciously direct our vigilance based on our three sets of survival instincts:

  1. physical: please don’t let me die
  2. social: please don’t let my current relationships end with no hope of ever re-building or creating new relationships
  3. procreative: please don’t let me live my life without having done anything

Based on these three survival instincts, we can ask ourselves three questions about the outcome to any action we take in order to help ensure we are proactively headed in the right direction:

  1. If I do this, will I still be alive afterward?
  2. If I do this, will there still be someone somewhere who cares about me afterward?
  3. If I do this, will I be any closer to fulfilling my quest?

If you answered YES to all three questions, do the thing that needs doing. However, if you answered YES but are still hesitating, make a list of individual people you can reach out to and talk to about your quest who bolster your confidence.

Now is not the time to list people who will give you any reasons not to keep going on your quest (well-meanies, I like to call them). Nor is the time to list people who will give you alternative action steps, which could just as well lead you further off course. Now is the time to list your Faces in the Crowd, the people you look for when all you want is a little encouragement. 

Not advice for or against, just cheerleading.

Question your hesitation, and look for your faces in the crowd.

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