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04: Reconnaissance

When you violate the interdiction, acknowledging your inner critic and deciding to go questing anyway, you are asking for trouble. You are inviting villainy into your story.

This is a good thing.

Think of every book and movie and show you’ve ever enjoyed, you wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much if there hadn’t been some sort of conflict. There needs to be some sort of opposition or obstacle between Point A and Point B in order to help illustrate the value of reaching the intended destination.

In questing, the villain does not wish the hero to succeed. In our questing, our subconscious throws its weight around so that we will abide by tried-and-true patterns.

So, for this narrateme, we’re going to turn the tables on our subconscious and “play” at being the villain. We are going to make use of what we know about our subconscious. Because it may try to play its cards close to the vest, but we’re the ones wearing the vest.

Which means it is time to make use of the journaling you’ve already done, and build on it with some more journaling:

  1. Baggage Claim— Read over everything you wrote about what you brought with you on this quest. Think about how that makes you feel. If you don’t like how it feels, how do you want to feel about what you’re bringing to your questing. However you may have felt reading what you wrote before, focus on how you want to feel when you think about what you bring to your questing. Now, write down how you want to feel in one sentence.
  2. Quest of Choice— Look over the list of quests you made before you decided on the one. Maybe it was a tough choice, maybe it was the clear winner, maybe it was the only thing you wanted to quest out. How do you want to feel about that choice? Write it down in one sentence.
  3. Too Much / Not Enough— Take your list of concerns about going on this quest and list out - in no particular order - little things you can challenge yourself to do on your way to fulfilling your quest. List things you’re going to have to do anyway in order to complete your quest.
  4. Possible Winnings— Compare the possible wins for going on your quest with the list you’ve just made. Can each of the possible wins be paid out by one or more of the tasks you’ve listed? Are any of the wins not attachable to any of the tasks? To increase your chances of winning, add tasks specific to the unaccounted for win(s) to your current list.

Grand Finale:

  1. Arrange your list of tasks with each task in its own square on a bingo/tic-tac-toe style grid.
  2. Make sure the grid has as many squares as the number of tasks you’ve listed. Or create multiple grids to accommodate your full list of tasks.
  3. Keep your QUEST board of tasks somewhere you will see it often so that it can remind you to get cracking.
  4. Use whatever method you prefer for marking off the squares. X / stickers / coloring / pictures. Go the inverse with post-its or some-such and remove tasks from the board to reveal an image underneath.

Whatever you do for this board, make it as analog as possible. That way your subconscious knows you mean business.

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