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Thanks for your thoughts! There’s a lot more to read - stay tuned!
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I picked up my phone, scrolled through my texts. Nothing out of the ordinary there.>; No text messages saying "Where are you?" or missed phone calls no phone messages in her voicemail? Seems her friends and or family didn’t worry too much when she dissappeared for a year. 
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Grammar Nazi here. Your Blurb has a glitch. You have used present tense where it should be past tense. Fall should be fell. She’s should be she, or she’d she had. The contraction could be interpresed as ’she has lost’

Thanks, everyone, for the support! On day three of funding, we’ve reached 18 copies!! It means so much to me.

750 may be a stretch, but I definitely think we can make 250!!

Hello, readers! Thank you so much for following me and showing interest during my initial move to Inkshares. I’m excited to let you know I just put HOW TO REMEMBER into funding status.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and there’s nothing I’d love more than a pre-order! I’ll be sending out the news of the launch on social media, and I’ll also be uploading Chapter Two. I’m not quite ready for this, but it’s now or never! If you’ve got any sage wisdom for me, I’d love to hear it!!



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This is great - I’m completely absorbed and need to know how Miranda proceeds with her journey into her present!