Cari Dubiel's latest update for How to Remember

Feb 6, 2018

Hi, readers! We did it!! 260 copies as of today. I’m so excited. We’ve raised $32 for Babywearing International of Akron Youngstown, and this book is going to happen!

I’m taking a break from campaigning - once I know more details, I’ll continue to update. I’m putting together a marketing plan, and I need to revise the book when it comes back from its manuscript review. I will also be posting companion short stories on the Lost Memories Inkshares page. I have some blog posts set up for my website. Finally, I’m drafting a new novel, which is not part of the MindTech world, but I hope you’ll love it too. 

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And, if you didn’t already know, I’m the cohost of a book review podcast, and Beth and I have just begun recording again. The ABC Book Reviews is on Soundcloud, and our RSS goes out to Stitcher and iTunes as well. We just posted an interview with fellow Inkshares author Becca Spence Dobias, author of Rock of Ages. Check it out!!