Cari Dubiel's latest update for How to Remember

Jan 28, 2018

Hi, readers! First, thanks to everyone who is new on the list. I am in the home stretch of this campaign, but I plan to thank everyone personally as soon as it’s over and I’m able to recover. 

A few news items: I’m doing live updates every day on my Facebook page: - They’re really short, no more than 5 minutes so far, and sometimes include guest appearances from cute children. I’m also doing a Final Day of Reckoning event on there, February 9 at 7pm. We didn’t make the Amazon gift card this week, but I promise I will have lots of giveaways and fun for my supporters that night.

I was SO excited to be on Jungle Red Writers yesterday! This is a great blog full of talented mystery writers - both the bloggers and the readers - and fabulous fans. Check it out and give it a follow! Also, my podcast with Beth is back, although I’m still messing with the feeds, so you might have to go directly to Soundcloud to listen.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful day! 67 copies to go with just under two weeks! Please tell everyone you know, and if you feel so inclined, write me a recommendation on Inkshares. Here’s the link again.