Cari Dubiel's latest update for How to Remember

Jan 9, 2018

Readers! So many updates! We are at 90 copies sold - THANK YOU!

First, check out my new cover! My artist is sending high-res files, and then you will see the graphics everywhere. Inkshares folk get a sneak peek :-)

Second, I’ll be in my local paper this week! The article is already online. There is one detail that’s a little off - the reporter said that I was chosen by the publisher to put my book up, but I was talking about the syndicate picks. Which I am SO grateful for, by the way. (Have I mentioned how much I love you guys?)

One last thing - Inkshares has announced that Quill will be going away as of February 28. So we’ve got to make the 250 copies by then. Right now, the campaign is set to end on February 9, but I’ll extend it if I have to. I’ve got more publicity coming out and more networking to do. So we’re going to push this thing. Either I’ll be one of the last Quill authors, or I’ll extend the campaign to 750 and make it happen. My goal is to bring you a great novel, and one way or another, I’m going to do that.

Happy reading - more to come!!