I’m excited to report that my essay related to Young Donald appears in the Washington Post Arts & Entertainment section this weekend:


Or, if that link runs you into a paywall, you can read it here:


Like a hospital patient pumped full of dexamethasone, I am experiencing irrational euphoria today that Young Donald is finally out! The e-book went out today and paperbacks go out soon.

If you like the book, please review it on Goodreads and Amazon:



And, if for some reason you don’t like the book, please ask yourself whether you are really qualified to provide literary criticism...come on, not all of us are!

Thanks so much again for the wonderful support! And a huge, special thanks to the Grand Patrons listed in the back of the book, and some others, like the brilliant creative director Jamie Wright and my literary agent (whose commission is paid entirely in beer) Henry Coyle.


Young Donald is coming out on October 6! 

 If you like the book when you get it, you can:

 (1) put a glowingly positive review on Amazon;


 (2) recommend it to friends (especially friends in large Zoom book clubs);

 (3) talk favorably about the book in an inappropriately loud voice if you find yourself near my target audience (e.g., anyone wearing an Oberlin sweatshirt, carrying a PBS tote-bag or wearing a mask in a red state).

 And, if you don’t like the book, remember what your mother told you do when you have nothing nice to say about something.

 If you ordered a physical book and have moved since then, please change your address on Inkshares!

Young Donald is very close to publication now. With the help of the brilliant team at Inkshares, the story is strong, the design is sweet and it’s almost ready.

But, like a localized spike in COVID cases after a Trump rally, these things simply take time to develop. The book is set to come out in October. In the meantime, if you cannot wait, let me know and I’ll read it to you over the phone.

Thanks again for all of your fabulous support!

Every few weeks, someone will ask me “what ever happened with Young Donald?” or (passive-aggressively) “did your book come out and I totally missed it?” or (just aggressively) “can I get my $20 back?”

Well, like a lonely man sitting in an underground bunker waiting for the Secret Service to tell him it’s safe to come out, the Young Donald manuscript has been locked away (in the intense editorial process) for some time now, waiting for the right moment to emerge into the world. Very good progress is definitely being made and with some luck that moment is coming (soon-ish). But, it is still months away, I’m afraid.

In the meantime, please stay safe, feel hopeful and inspired by the world’s sudden focus on racism and social justice and find time to get outside and enjoy some masked recreation and/or protest. And, as always, I’m sure the Ukrainian hackers that control Young Donald’s twitter account would appreciate your support.





A quick update on Young Donald’s journey to publication.

I received a set of excellent and very thorough comments from the editor late last year which has now resulted in a completely revised draft of the manuscript. Ironically, as the real Donald seems increasingly like a caricature of a human being, the character of Young Donald is becoming fuller and more multi-dimensional. The revised draft is now back with the editor.

In the meantime, please follow Young Donald on Twitter @novel_young. I am sure the Ukrainian hackers who have taken control of that account would appreciate a larger follower base.

And thanks to the 55 people who attended the Young Donald Supporters Party (and coincidentally new years eve party) on December 31!


Userphoto4 original Tim McMannon · Reader · added 11 months ago
Loving the first chapter.  It’s very clever and funny. Is this based on a true story? If it is, I am even more scared than I was before.

I know some of you are wondering why you haven’t received your copy of Young Donald yet. Well, that’s because - like a working class American searching for a personal benefit from the Trump tax cuts - you are looking for something that doesn’t exist! 

Young Donald still needs to go through a rigorous editing and design process before it will be ready to appear in your Kindle or on your nightstand. 

In the meantime, while all that work is being done, please check out Young Donald on Twitter: @novel_young. 

This Twitter account has been taken over by Ukrainian hackers and is now breaking clearly fake news like “MOVE OVER NOSTRADAMUS: Young Donald’s Military School Classmates named him “Most Likely to be Impeached for a Treasonous Act” in 1963!!!”

And get ready for a New Years Eve / Young Donald Supporters Party (featuring a very special quid-pro-WHOA Punch)! Invitations coming out soon! Why pay $100+ for a New Years Eve event, when you can just buy a few more copies of Young Donald for the new, ultra low price of just $13.99 (https://www.inkshares.com/books/young-donald) and party all night for free?!?!

Finally, thank you so much again for your fabulous support of my book!


Userphoto1 original Alastair Durdunji · Reader · edited about 1 year ago · 1 like
Cool video and I’m excited for the book to come out! Looks very funny. Will be out before the election, right?

The Young Donald book trailer, created by San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker Jamie Wright, is now up on Inkshares. Please check it out at:  https://www.inkshares.com/books/young-donald. 

If you like the trailer, you can see another trailer for Jamie’s forthcoming documentary on 1960’s San Francisco improv comedy group, The Committee, at www.TheCommitteeMovie.com.

You can now also follow Young Donald on Twitter (if you are into that sort of thing) at https://twitter/novel_young. Given old Donald’s love of Twitter, I felt Young Donald should also be represented on that platform.

Thanks again for your fabulous support of the novel. Pre-orders are now approaching 800!


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