Michael Bennett's latest update for Young Donald

Aug 21, 2019

I am extremely happy (and filled with gratitude) to report Young Donald surpassed 700 preorders on August 20. Thank you so much to all readers and followers for your amazing support for this book! I am now hoping to reach the magic number of 750 by September 8.

But have no fear - that still leaves plenty of time for you to order more copies and participate in the primary promotion! The BIG AMAZON GIFT CARD DRAWING is set for September 7.  Anyone responsible for 3 or more preorders will be in the drawing for the $100 gift card, and anyone responsible for six or more orders will also be eligible for a $150 gift card drawing. There are approximately 30 very generous people already eligible for the $100 drawing, and only a handful (aka the Young Donald super elite supporters) eligible for the $150 drawing.

And, one promotion update: the most recent “NEXT PERSON TO ORDER 5” promotion was won by Jhinuk.  Jhinuk will join Aki and Ben L. as the owner of a limited edition (set of 5) print by artist Monica Jahan Bose based on one of her amazing performances at Art Basel Miami. Thank you Jhinuk and thank you Monica!

Please keep your eyes out for the announcement of the Young Donald thank you dance party coming soon.


Thank you again!