Michael Bennett's latest update for Young Donald

Aug 28, 2019

I am overjoyed to announce that Young Donald reached the target of 750 preorders 25 days before the 90 day deadline! Thank you so much for your amazing support and generosity in making the publication of my debut novel possible!

Young Donald will now enter the process of being edited, designed and otherwise made ready for publication (which will surely take many months of hard work). During that time, the book is still available for preorder (now at the discount price for the paperback of only $13.99 and an almost free $5.99 for the e-book!). 

The BIG AMAZON GIFT CARD DRAWINGS are still set for September 7! As a reminder, if you are responsible for 3 or more preorders you are eligible for the drawing for a $100 gift card, and if you are responsible for 6 or more preorders you are additionally eligible for the $150 gift card drawing. So, if you have ordered 2 or 5 books, why not order just one more by September 7 (at the new discount prices) and make yourself eligible for these drawings? Although I am not an economist, that would surely make good economic sense.

Please keep your eyes out for announcement of another Young Donald thank you party, and, again, heartfelt thanks for your support.