Michael Bennett's latest update for Young Donald

Sep 8, 2019

A quick Young Donald update - the Big Amazon Gift Card Promotion Drawing was held (in a fully transparent manner, with Chihiro and Andrea pulling two names out of a hat). 

In keeping with the “Rich Get Richer” ethos of the Trump Era, the winners were: (a) for the $100 gift card, multi-millionaire Wall Street law firm partner Jay P.; and (b) for the $150 gift card, former London investment banker Henry. Both Jay and Henry have been extremely active and generous supporters of the novel, and are very well-deserving winners. I certainly hope the fact that millions of Americans cannot afford $100 for food or medicine will not lessen their enjoyment of the gift cards!

A special thanks to my fellow Inkshares author Jacqui for her great support of me and my book. Please check out Jacqui’s very cool, dystopian future novel, The Seclusion, Part 2 that is funding now: https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-seclusion-part-2

As the long editing and production process begins, Young Donald remains available for preorder at a new bargain price. My goal is 1,000 preorders by the time the book is printed!


Finally, please keep your eyes out for the announcement of the Young Donald Thank You Party in Washington, DC, and the coming soon launch of the Young Donald book trailer