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I just learned that Trekonomics was nominated for an Audie Award (the Oscars of audioboooks) in the business and personal development category. 

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I’m working on a new energy discovery “Antihydrogen fusion” that creates atmospheric sprites that resupplies the essential energetics for the planet, hydrogen, positrons, electrons and the fundamentals of the universe... the light! 
This is considered dark matter producing dark energy that lives in the invisible magnetic highways of the universe. My passion for reading started after I built solid booster rockets for my 1958 metal wheeled skateboard (the dream machine) at age 8 , but with  The Wizard of Oz, Aesops fables, Dr. Zeus to comic books to  World Book encyclopedia and the dictionary to Carl Sagan to Chariots of the Gods and onwards. 
Twilight zone and the great monster movies of the 1960s was a great way to imagine another reality. When Lost in Space and Star Trek came along the imaginary or alternate reality of possibilities was endless fun.  My grandfather worked for Westinghouse electric drawing Nikola Tesla patents and moved to NYC buying land on the same aquifer system as Wardenclyff Long Island for the free energy community to come so I knew about free energy and antigravity from the source. School was torture! So now I’m working on reproducing the energy that created the universe and you can’t help but to look at the population and social consciousness  .  My quote “You can’t change everyone’s heart or mind but you can change the energy that they use to awaken and advance society “. Here comes your book and the philosophy of Star Trek that follows the same mindset from The Emerald Tablets of Thoth to Jesus to Hugues de Payens to Nikola Tesla. I’m going to purchase your book and give it a shot! There’s another man who falls into alignment “Jeremy Rifkin” The Third Industrial Revolution that aligns with a advanced social technology driven system for society. 
Hope to chat with you sometime soon! 

TREKONOMICS nominated for best audiobook of the year!

Dear all, friends and readers,

I just learned that Trekonomics was nominated for an Audie Award (the Oscars of audioboooks) in the business and personal development category. It is quite an honor to have a book on a list next to works by Stephen King, John Scalzi, Colson Whitehead, Siddhartha Mukherjee etc.

The audiobook, read by the amazing Oliver Wyman, can be sampled here: http://amzn.to/2avFi4F

Thank you all for your support and friendship,

As usual, Live Long, and Prosper!


ps: here’s the (image) announcement for the business/personal development category.


Wookieenomics vs Trekonomics

In anticipation of the release of Star Wars’ Rogue One at the end of the week, we recorded a podcast with Pr. Zachary Feinstein (George Washington University). Economist David Beckworth, from think tank Mercatus, hosted. 

If you recall, Zach Feinstein wrote this amazingly funny and sharp paper last year, where he came to the conclusion that the Death Star would have destroyed the Empire’s economy. Here’s his thesis, laid out in The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/03/opinion/in-star-wars-was-the-death-star-too-big-to-fail.html

In any case, we hope you’ll enjoy the podcast and that it will give you fresh ideas to chew on while watching Rogue One


May The Force Be With You. 


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Beautiful article. It is an honor to know you even if just through this unique platform.

My piece for the Washington Post re: the election

Dear All, 

Today I wrote this for the Washington Post. 


Peace and long life,


Dear all, 

Today is Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. 

For the occasion, I wrote this little thing for the New Yorker.



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Just finished listening to the interview on Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, cant wait to get my copy and...Engage!
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Easy 5 stars on Amazon! Great work! I know so many people who are excited to read it!

Trekonomics on Marketplace and Business Insider

Dear all,

Here is the link to the Marketplace interview:


It has been edited to a digestible 3-minutes snippet. But it’s fun.

In addition, I published this piece at Business Insider yesterday, just to mix things up a little bit: http://www.techinsider.io/10-reasons-star-trek-is-better-than-star-wars-2016-5

Enjoy! There is more coming soon.

In the meantime, for those who of you who feel so inclined, I encourage you to leave a short review of the book at Amazon.com : http://amzn.to/1UjeOoY

Thank you again for your continued support,

Live Long, and Prosper


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