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Chapter 1




TORONTO (AP) -- A massive explosion has occurred at the Temporal Analysis Particle Accelerator (TAPA) research facility in Waterloo Ontario shortly before midnight on September 23rd, 2015, the explosion has been reported as being visible in Hamilton roughly 60km from the site.

Officials have broadcast on emergency channels that all residents living in the counties: Brant, Halton, Oxford, Perth, Waterloo, Wellington, and Wentworth should shelter in place, remain inside and close all open windows and doors. A state of emergency has been declared for the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, and the communities of Ariss, Baden, Bamberg, Bloomingdale, Breslau, Conestogo, Elmira, Haysville, Heidelberg, Little Lake, Maryhill, New Dundee, New Hamburg, Philipsburg, Plattsville, Preston, Roseville, St. Agatha, St. Jacobs, Wallenstein, and Winterbourne.

Emergency personnel are on the scene, there is no word yet as to the nature or possible cause of the explosion but first responders are taking precautions against potential chemical or radiation exposure. The federal emergency response coordinator has scheduled a press conference at 6am to provide further information and answer questions.

Sources at the Canadian National Data Centre for Earthquake Seismology and Nuclear Explosion Monitoring (CNDC) report the explosion registering as a 6.9 on the Richter scale, equal to 250 to 500 kilotons of TNT, roughly 15 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki during the Second World War.

The Temporal Analysis Particle Accelerator is operated by the Institute of Temporal Physics (ITP) based in Waterloo Ontario, who have not yet released a statement.

Story is developing...

* * *

CBC Breaking News with Lauren Ashely

Lauren: "Fellow Canadians, ... Today we bear witness as a tragedy unfolds surpassing any other that this country has witnessed in its history. At 11:30pm last night a nuclear explosion occurred at the Institute of Temporal Physics, a research facility at the University of Waterloo. The blast has destroyed much of the city, destroying buildings for miles around including much of uptown Waterloo. Fires burn uncontrolled throughout much of Kitchener from the heat of the explosion which shattered windows as far away as Guelph. On site from Kitchener is CBC reporter Asya İnönü".

Asya: "A thick cloud of smoke can be seen rising over the hills in the distance as the ruins of the city of Waterloo and nearly half of Kitchener burn. Behind me the army is setting up a relief camp in Wilson Park to aid survivors and tend the wounded, while similar camps are being assembled in Rosenberg Park, Lion’s Park, Mannheim, St. Agatha, and Heidelberg. Efforts to clear major roads of debris to allow emergency vehicles access to the blast site are being hampered by the smoke, fire, and high levels of radioactive material from the blast that is forcing soldiers to don heavy protective gear and limit their exposure.

This is a disaster beyond precedent in our country, initial casualty estimates put the death toll in the tens of thousands, and the possibly one hundred thousand injured, many of whom may die of radiation or injury. The scale of this is ... beyond imagining. Emergency workers are urging citizens to stay indoors, stay under cover, and retreat to an underground location if possible. Anyone who is severely injured or requires urgent medical attention must make their way to the nearest major road and proceed south or west."

Lauren: "Thank you Asya, we now go to a press conference with Nuclear Emergency Organization Director of Communications, Henri Laliberté."

Press Conference: "Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Canadians. An explosion at the Temporal Analysis Particle Accelerator at the University of Waterloo has claimed the lives of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Canadians and students from countries around the world. With the fall semester starting only three weeks ago, the safety of roughly 35,000 students, staff, and faculty of the University is still unknown.

In response to this shocking, horrifying tragedy, the CNSC Nuclear Emergency Response Plan has been activated. Emergency crews are working alongside the Canadian army and aided by detachments of the US Army and Homeland Security from New York and Michigan, working to clear roads and assess the situation. Their first priority is to open access to ... ground zero ... and to evacuate any who are critically injured.

We do not yet know the cause of the explosion, and it is unlikely that we will know for some time. Several organizations have claimed responsibility, however their claims are yet unverified and are unlikely to be true. The United States Government has pledged their support in any way possible in our recovery..."

Lauren: "That was the Director of Communications with the Nuclear Emergency Organization of Canada, Henri Laliberté."

Lauren: "Meteorologist Jack Sanders joins us now. Jack, we have heard about the risk of radioactive fallout from the explosion having a potential to affect much of Southern Ontario. What does the risk look like and what does this mean for the people who live here?"

Jack: "Yes, well... uh, Lauren. As you can see on the map behind me the jet-stream is going to draw radioactive dust and debris in a long, elongated oval area to the northeast. Much of the north shore is going to be affected, with the highest concentrations in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and Markham. To a lesser extent we will see effects in parts of Hamilton, Oshawa, Peterborough, Belleville, and as far as Kingston if current weather patterns remain stable for the next two to three days. Rain is in the forecast which will help clear the air and wash away the dust, but everyone in the affected areas are being urged to remain indoors for the next 4-7 days..."

Experiment - Package 001

Institute of Temporal Physics (ITP)

Temporal Analysis Particle Accelerator (TAPA) Operational Log (transcribed)

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

22:47 EST

Accelerator online - magnets are active, cryogenics are active, system is reporting operational temperature of 1.9K. We are go for initiating proton stream.

Proton stream initiated, acceleration to peak energy in progress.

23:08 EST

Peak energy achieved, polarized proton stream steady at 9.8TeV, initiating injection into resonance field generator.

Calibrating resonance field... entanglement resonance frequency established, power signature detected, showing 97% increase in intensity. Initiating tomographic entanglement scanner.

23:21 EST

TES complete; power cycle complete; containment vessel intact; chamber venting in progress.

Isolation shielding disengaged; venting complete in 3... 2... 1... venting complete.

Pressure hatch being opened, stand clear.

23:24 EST

Dr. Alexandra Ridley entering test chamber, Dr. Matthew Cendric supervising. Interior tether connection has been engaged, air supply is active, as are video and audio communication links.

Containment vessel is open, experiment has been retrieved.

23:27 EST

Interior tether has been disengaged, test chamber has been vacated. Decontamination in progress...

* * *

Institute of Temporal Physics (ITP)

Temporal Analysis Particle Accelerator (TAPA) Experimental Log

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 - Peak Energy 9.8TeV Entanglement Resonance Receiver Test

Start of new entanglement resonance transmit-receive testing of particle matrices. Prior experiments using lower peak energy levels (0.35 - 5.95 TeV) were successful in producing 100% accuracy in transmit-receive correlation over temporal periods of 2s to 36h 24m 32s but evidence of the existence of a stable temporal feedback loop could not be observed and remains inconclusive.

This experiment will attempt to produce a stable temporal feedback loop by establishing a large duration loop through increasing accelerator peak energy to maximum capabilities of the TAPA of 9.8TeV. In previous experiments, linear increase in energy input has shown an exponential increase in loop duration. Expected loop duration with this energy input is 8y 186d 21h 24m 16s.

Experiment Log

11:08pm - TAPA ramp has completed and proton stream cycling at 9.8TeV. Resonance field calibration reading 97% spike at 42.5781MHz/T. TES process initiated over containment vessel, est. TTC 11m47s

11:10pm - Resonance field fluctuations appearing periodically, power spike increasing to 110-112% every 220ms. These fluctuations were not present in previous test runs, may be caused by increased density of particle matrix. Could be a sign of successful transmission.

Reminder: Review prior test data for power spike intensity fluctuation, it may have been disregarded as measurement error.

11:14pm - Power spike recorded at 142% for duration of 83ms. Significant increases in power output of resonance field could risk an overload, potential exists for cascade to interrupt TAPA power supply and result in magnet quench.

11:18pm - 153% for 89ms. Operating temperature increase at TES junction to 1.93K, automatic shutdown initiates at 1.95K

11:21pm - TES cycle completed, shutdown procedure started

11:24pm - Dr. Ridley extracts containment vessel, reports transmission received. Experiment cycle identifier Zero-Zero-One is present and recorded.

Reminder: Cycle identifier Zero-Zero-Two to be transmitted at 8:32:16pm Apr 06, 2024.

11:49pm - Containment vessel recovered, contents are as follows.

Signed: Matthew Cendric, Alexandra Ridley

* * *

Experimental Package Item 001-A

Driver faces charges in crash that killed two

Charges include impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death

Waterloo (CBC) -- A 19-year-old man faces charges following a crash that has claimed the lives of two local residents near the Grand River Hospital.

On Sep. 24th at around 3 p.m., a northbound pickup truck failed to stop at a red light at the intersection of Union Blvd and Belmont Ave W, colliding with a mini-van. Both the driver and the passenger of the mini-van were rushed to hospital where they were later pronounced dead. The driver of the pickup suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses at the scene say the pickup was speeding and ran through a red light before crashing into the side of the minivan in what police describe as a "t-bone" crash.

Police have identified the driver and passenger of the mini-van as Cheryl and Matthew Cendric, aged 38 and 37 and parents of three aged 14, 9, and 7.

The intersection was closed by police following the collision, and it is likely to be closed to traffic for most of Wednesday as police investigate.

* * *

Experimental Package Item 001-B

COURT FILE No.: 130097

DATE: January 15, 2016

Citation: R. v. Kapriyanov, 2016 ONCJ 18



Before Justice of the Peace A.P. Morganson

Heard on December 17, 2015

Reasons for Sentence released on January 15, 2016

Charge, Plea, and Facts

[1] On September 24, 2015 the accused was at a pub in Waterloo. The accused consumed at least 2-4 drinks. At about 1 PM he left in the company of Chris DeVrie. Mr. DeVrie drove the accused to his residence in Kitchener. At Mr. DeVrie’s residence, the accused consumed at least 2 drinks with an unmeasured volume of alcohol. Between 2:30 PM and 2:40 PM the accused obtained permission to borrow Mr. DeVrie’s motor vehicle to return to class which he was late for. The motor vehicle was a blue 1998 Ford F150 that was owned by Mr. DeVrie but uninsured at the time of the accident.

[2] The accused drove northbound on Belmont Ave W approaching the intersection with Union Blvd. The vehicle approached the intersection at a high rate of speed At 2:45 PM. Witnesses estimated the speed to be 60-80 km/hr. The accused failed to stop at a red light, colliding with a minivan that had started into the intersection eastbound on Union Blvd. The collision overturned the minivan onto its driver’s side before both vehicles struck a light post.

[3] Police and EMS arrived on the scene placing the accused under arrest who then refused to submit to providing a breath or blood sample. The occupants of the minivan were Mrs. Cheryl Cendric and Dr. Matthew Cendric. As a result of the collision, they were taken to Grand River Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

[4] The accused has been charged with several Criminal Code offenses including dangerous driving causing death under s. 249(4), impaired driving causing death under s. 255(3), refusing to provide a breath or blood sample under s. 254(5), refusing to provide a breath sample knowing operation of motor vehicle caused accident resulting in death under s. 255(3.2), and operating a motor vehicle without insurance under the provincial Traffic Safety Act.

[5] On December 2, 2015, counsel advised the court that they had entered into a plea agreement to which the accused would plead guilty to the charges of dangerous driving causing death under s. 249(4), refusing to provide a breath or blood sample under s. 254(5) and operating a motor vehicle without insurance under the provincial Traffic Safety Act with a joint sentence recommendation for 5 years in jail in return for which the Crown agreed to withdraw the charges of impaired driving causing death under s. 255(3) and refusing to provide a breath sample knowing operation of motor vehicle caused accident resulting in death under s. 255(3.2).

Positions of the Parties

[6] At the time of the plea, the position of the Crown was there should be a jail term of 10 years to life imprisonment. The Crown argued that the accused showed reckless disregard for the lives and safety of the public, and the accused did not feel beholden to the laws of Ontario and Canada and felt that "his government would bring him home". The Crown argued that the accused poses a flight risk, as a foreign student and no work or family in the country he had no compelling reason to remain. The Crown felt that avoiding a lengthy trial by obtaining a plea agreement would present the best opportunity to obtain justice for the victims.

[7] The defense position was that the accused was not financially able to pay a fine as he did not have employment and was being supported financially by an uncle who lived in Russia. The defense argued on behalf of Mr. Kapriyanov that he could not have been aware of the passing of Dr. And Mrs. Cendric who had been taken to hospital. The defense articulated that the accused was not made aware of the penalty under Canadian law for refusing to provide a breath or blood sample upon request. The defense argued that their client had no previous criminal record, and is a student at the University of Waterloo in good standing.

[8] The accused confirmed with the court that he understood and accepted the terms of the plea agreement, and that the court may not accept the joint submission. Counsel thus entered into a written agreement on December 5 and Mr. Kapriyanov entered a guilty plea to the lesser charge on December 17.


[9] The Crown has properly set out the aggravating factors in this case, and the accused’s youth, guilty plea, and lack of criminal record are important mitigating factors. The political situation of the accused is a confounding factor, one that must not be considered as an aggravating factor or a mitigating one but under the circumstances a sentence that does not include imprisonment has a significant likelihood of non-compliance.

[10] It is my opinion that the joint submission is appropriate and necessary. The court accepts the joint submission.

[11] The accused is sentenced to five years imprisonment less time served.

Released: January 15, 2016

The following is handwritten below the conviction notice:

Daniil Kapriyanov - Valid Russian driver’s license issued in Kursk, class B, expires 10.06.2024. Second year international Applied Mathematics student at UW with a partial scholarship.

Sep 24th timeline

08:30 to 11:30 - On UW campus in class

11:30 to 13:00 - Seen at the Bombshelter Pub on UW campus

after 13:00 - Left with a friend, scheduled to be in class at 14:30

September 24th, 2015

Schedule of Classes

Level: Undergraduate, Term: 1159, Name: Daniil Kapriyanov

Subject Catalog # - Units - Title

AMATH 251 - 0.5 - Intro to Diff Equations (Adv)

Class Comp Sec Camp Loc Time Days/Date Bldg Room Instructor

6541 LEC 001 UW U 12:30-01:20MWF MC 4060 Wagner,Rick

6575 TUT 101 UW U 03:30-04:20M MC 4042

Subject Catalog # - Units - Title  

MATH 239 - 0.5 - Intro to Combinatorics

Class Comp Sec Camp Loc Time Days/Date Bldg Room Instructor

5961 LEC 002 UW U 10:00-11:20TTh MC 4021 Wong,Lin

6094 TUT 102 UW U 04:30-05:20F MC 4061

6105 TST 201 UW U 04:30-06:20Th 11/06

Subject Catalog # - Units - Title  

MATH 245 - 0.5 - Linear Algebra 2 (Adv Level)

Class Comp Sec Camp Loc Time Days/Date Bldg Room Instructor

6059 LEC 001 UW U 02:30-03:50TTh EV1 350 Mack,Sophie

6106 TST 101 UW U 04:30-06:20T 11/04

Subject Catalog # - Units - Title  

MATH 247 - 0.5 - Calculus 3 (Advanced Level)

Class Comp Sec Camp Loc Time Days/Date Bldg Room Instructor

6060 LEC 001 UW U 01:30-02:20MWF MC 2054 Craig,Warren

6107 TST 101 UW U 04:30-06:20T 10/14

Subject Catalog # - Units - Title  

STAT 230 - 0.5 - Probability

Class Comp Sec Camp Loc Time Days/Date Bldg Room Instructor

6066 LEC 002 UW U 08:30-09:50TTh DC 1350 Morris,Gilbert

6084 TUT 102 UW U 02:30-03:20F M3 1006 Becker,Lynn A

6471 TST 201 UW U 04:30-06:20Th 10/09 Fang,Wei

04:30-06:20Th 11/13 Becker,Lynn A

* * *

Voicemail received on Thursday, September 24th at 9:23 AM from 519-719-2947.

"Dr. Cendric! It’s Riya. I’ve got good news. My friend in the Registrar’s Office was able to get me his class schedule. I’ve already talked to Dr. Ridley, can you meet us at the southwest entrance to the MC, uh, that is the University of Waterloo Math and Computing Building at quarter after eleven? Sahil is a TA and knows Professor Wong, he can help us pull him out of his second class for a chat. Let me know when you get this and if you can make it. See you soon!"

* * *


Remember to pick up your sisters after school, your dad’s scan is at 3 o’clock at the hospital and we might not be home early enough to make supper. There are enough leftovers in the fridge for the three of you that you can heat up if you’re hungry. You can have one friend over if you want, but stay in the house.

Love Mom

* * *

Ver 1 - Motor Vehicle Accident Report, Province of Ontario

Incident #: WA15147053

Incident Date: Sep 24, 2015 2:51:42 PM


Officer: Benjamin Marks, #5243

Police Force: Waterloo Regional Police

Driver 1

Cendric, Cheryl

Address: 338 Marlowe Dr, Waterloo ON, N2L 5A4

Phone: 226-236-7342

License: C5448-17457-70425 G

F - 77/04/25

2006 Chevy Uplander, Tan

AJFC-591, ON

Occupants: 2

Insurance: TD Insurance/#100325743

Driver 2

Krycek, Adam

Address: 1-74 Hazelglen Dr, Kitchener ON, N2M 2E3

Phone: 519-579-2136

License: K8535-95026-81203 G

M - 68/12/03

2008 Kia Sorento, Gray


Occupants: 1

Insurance: All-State Canada/#5061723-12

Involved Persons

Veh 1 - Cendric, Matthew, 338 Marlowe Dr. Waterloo ON, N2L 5A4 - 226-236-8826 - 47 - M - 03 - 1 - 3 - 1 - 1


Veh 1 & 2 stopped eastbound on Union Blvd at Belmont Ave W at red light. Veh 1 proceeded into intersection on green before coming to a sudden stop in the intersection. Veh 2 failed to stop and collided with rear of Veh 1. Officer dispatched to scene after emergency call about seriously injured passenger, arriving 5 minutes after accident. Passenger in Veh 1, Arabic male - mid thirties - distraught, bleeding from a wound on his head.

Statement from Driver 1 - On route to hospital for CT scan appointment, passenger had been acting distracted and out-of-sorts prior to departure. Arriving at the intersection, passenger became agitated and began acting erratically. When the light turned, driver was guiding the vehicle into the intersection when the passenger screamed. Believing something was seriously amiss the driver stopped abruptly, resulting Veh 1 being struck from behind by Veh 2. Passenger did not being bleeding until he struck his head on the frame of the door when exiting the vehicle.

Statement from Passenger - Injury was pre-existing, a head injury requiring stitches sustained three days prior after exhaustion-induced fall. Passenger unable to explain his emotional state prior to the accident except to say that he was nervous. An incoming call to his cellphone surprised him, causing his outburst.

Driver 2 declined to make a statement.


99 - 99 - / - 01 - / - 01 - 01 - 01 - 04 - /

01 - / - 01 - / - 01 - / - 01 - / - 04 - /

04 - 01 - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - /

01 - 01 - 99 - 02 - 01 - 01 - / - / - / - /

01 - 02 - 03 - 03 - 03 - 02 - 01 - / - / - /

/ - / - / - 01 - / - / - / - / - / - 02

02 - 06 - / - 12 - / - / - / - /

* * *


THIS AGREEMENT, made as of the 24th day of September , 2015.


Institute of Temporal Physics (ITP)/Institut de Physique Temporelle (IPT), a company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Province of Ontario

(hereinafter referred to as "the Employer")


-- and --

Daniil Kapriyanov, of the City of Waterloo

in the Province of Ontario

(hereinafter referred to as "the Employee")


WHEREAS the Employee and the Employer wish to enter into an employment agreement governing the terms and conditions of employment;

THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH that in consideration of the premises and mutual covenants and agreements hereinafter contained, and for other good and valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by the parties hereto), it is agreed by and between the parties hereto as follows:

1. Term of Employment

The employment of the Employee shall commence the date hereof and continue for an indefinite term until terminated in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

2. Probation

The parties hereto agree that the initial six (6) month period of this agreement is "probationary" in the following respects:

a. the Employer shall have an opportunity to assess the performance, attitude, skills and other employment-related attributes and characteristics of the Employee;

b. the Employee shall have an opportunity to learn about both the Employer and the position of employment;

c. either party may terminate the employment relationship at any time during the initial six month period without advance notice or justifiable reason, in which case there will be no continuing obligations of the parties to each other, financial or otherwise.

3. Compensation and Benefits

In consideration of the services to be provided by him hereunder, the Employee, during the term of his employment, shall be paid a wage of $ 18.00 per hour in semi-monthly instalments, in arrears, less applicable statutory deductions. In addition, the Employee is entitled to receive benefits in accordance with the Employer’s standard benefit package, as amended from time to time.

4. Duties and Responsibilities

The Employee shall be employed in the capacity of Translator , the current duties and responsibilities of which are set out in Schedule "A" annexed hereto and forming part of this agreement. These duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time in the sole discretion of the Employer, subject to formal notification of same being provided to the Employee.

5. Termination of Employment

Subsequent to completion of the probationary term of employment referred to in paragraph 2 herein, the Employer may terminate the employment of the Employee at any time:

a. for just cause at common law, in which case the Employee is not entitled to any advance notice of termination or compensation in lieu of notice;

b. without just cause, in which case the Employer shall provide the Employee with advance notice of termination or compensation in lieu of notice equal to:

  • 1 month plus 2 weeks per year of completed service with the Employer, to a maximum of fifteen (15) months.

The Employee may terminate his employment at any time by providing the Employer with at least eight (8) weeks advance notice of his intention to resign.

6. Restrictive Covenant

Following the termination of the employment of the Employee by the Employer, with or without cause, or the voluntary withdrawal by the Employee from the Employer, the Employee shall, for a period of one year following the said termination or voluntary withdrawal, within the Province of Ontario refrain from either directly or indirectly soliciting or attempting to solicit the business of any client or customer of the Employer for his own benefit or that of any third person or organization, and shall refrain from either directly or indirectly attempting to obtain the withdrawal from the employment by the Employer of any other Employee of the Employer having regard to the same geographic and temporal restrictions. The Employee shall not directly or indirectly divulge any financial information relating to the Employer or any of its affiliates or clients to any person whatsoever.

7. Confidentiality

The Employee acknowledges that, in the course of performing and fulfilling his duties hereunder, he may have access to and be entrusted with confidential information concerning the present and contemplated financial status and activities of the Employer, the disclosure of any of which confidential information to competitors of the Employer would be highly detrimental to the interests of the Employer. The Employee further acknowledges and agrees that the right to maintain the confidentiality of such information constitutes a proprietary right which the Employer is entitled to protect. Accordingly, the Employee covenants and agrees with the Employer that he will not, during the continuance of this agreement, disclose any of such confidential information to any person, firm or corporation, nor shall he use same, except as required in the normal course of his engagement hereunder, and thereafter he shall not disclose or make use of the same.

8. Assignment

This agreement shall be assigned by the Employer to any successor employer and be binding upon the successor employer. The Employer shall ensure that the successor employer shall continue the provisions of this agreement as if it were the original party of the first part. This agreement may not be assigned by the Employee.

9. Severability

Each paragraph of this agreement shall be and remain separate from and independent of and severable from all and any other paragraphs herein except where otherwise indicated by the context of the agreement. The decision or declaration that one or more of the paragraphs are null and void shall have no effect on the remaining paragraphs of this agreement.

10. Notice

Any notice required to be given hereunder shall be deemed to have been properly given if delivered personally or sent by pre-paid registered mail as follows:

a. to the Employee: 149 Erb St W, Waterloo ON Canada, N2L 1T9

b. to the Employer: 350 Columbia St W, Waterloo ON Canada, N2L 6E8

and if sent by registered mail shall be deemed to have been received on the 4th business day of uninterrupted postal service following the date of mailing. Either party may change its address for notice at any time, by giving notice to the other party pursuant to the provisions of this agreement.

11. Interpretation of Agreement

The validity, interpretation, construction and performance of this agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the Province of Ontario. This agreement shall be interpreted with all necessary changes in gender and in number as the context may require and shall enure to the benefit of and be binding upon the respective successors and assigns of the parties hereto.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have caused this agreement to be executed as of the 24th day of September 2015.

Alexandra Ridley


 Даниил Каприянов


* * *

Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form

Note: For Privacy Act Statement refer to Section C of this form and for completion instructions refer to attached instructions. Please typewrite or print in block letters.

A - ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION (To be completed by the Authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Official)

Type: New

The requested level of reliability/security check(s): Reliability Status, Level 1 (CONFIDENTIAL)

Particulars of appointment/assignment/contract: Indeterminate

Justification for security screening requirement: Foreign national employed as translator may need to access confidential documents for work.

Position/Competition/Contract number: AO_TR_01

Title: Translator

Group/Level (Rank if applicable): 01

Employee ID number/PRI/Rank and Service number (if applicable): AO_0473

If term or contract, indicate duration period: n/a

Name and address of department / organization / agency: ITP/IPT - 350 Columbia St W, Waterloo ON

Name of official: Elizabeth Depardieu

Telephone Number: (519) 489-2728

B - BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION (To be completed by the applicant)

Surname (Last name): Kapriyanov (Каприянов)

Full given names (no initials) underline or circle usual name used: Daniil Tomas (Даниил Томас)

Family name at birth: Kapriyanov (Каприянов)

All other names used (i.e. Nickname): Danya (Даня), Danik (Даник)

Sex: Male

Date of birth: 1996/02/12

Country of birth: Russian Federation

Date of entry into Canada if born outside Canada: 2014/08/30

RESIDENCE (provide addresses for the last five years, starting with the most current)

Home address: 149 Erb St W, Waterloo ON Canada, N2L 1T9

Daytime telephone number: (226) 581-4623

E-mail address: dkapriyan@student.math.uwaterloo.ca

1 - 149 Erb St W, Waterloo Ontario Canada, N2L 1T9 - From 2015/05 to present - (226) 581-4623

2 - 119 West E - Ron Eydt Village, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo Ontario Canada, N2J 4C1 - From 2014/09 to 2015/05 - (226) 581-4623

3 - Svobodnaya ulitsa, 40, Kursk, Kurskaya oblast, Russia - From 2004/07 to 2014/09 - +7 471 254-78-31

Have you previously completed a Government of Canada security screening form: No


Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence for which you have not yet been granted a pardon: No

C - CONSENT AND VERIFICATION (To be completed by the applicant and authorized Departmental/Agency/Organizational Official)

Checks Required:

1. Date of birth, address, education, professional qualifications, employment history, personal character references

2. Criminal record check

2015/09/24 Даниил Каприянов

Date (Y/M/D) Signature

* * *


Rate period

NW = Weeknight/Weekend

WD = Weekday

OO = Mobile Internet

Type of call

ICC = Incoming local Calling Circle Call

INC = Incoming local call

OUT = Outgoing Call

VM = Voicemail

Account Number: 1-5795-2583

Phone Number: 226-236-8826

Invoice Number: 0003865928

Invoice Date: Oct 08, 2015

Required Payment Date: Nov 05, 2015

Details of Wireless Usage

1 17:34 Wed Sep 2 WD OUT to 226-236-7342 (CHERLY CENDR, Waterloo ON) 04:35

2 17:46 Wed Sep 2 WD INC from 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI, Waterloo ON) 03:22

3 21:37 Thu Sep 3 NW OUT to 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI, Kitchener ON) 00:38

4 23:07 Fri Sep 4 NW INC from 226-476-3525 (JAKE CENDRIC) 00:23

5 14:30 Sun Sep 6 NW OUT to 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 19:38

6 18:15 Tue Sep 8 NW INC from 226-236-7342 (CHERYL CENDR) 02:03

7 17:58 Wed Sep 9 WD OUT to 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 00:14

8 19:12 Wed Sep 9 NW INC from 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 04:55

9 19:49 Fri Sep 11 NW OUT to 226-236-7342 (CHERYL CENDR) 05:15

10 10:27 Sun Sep 13 NW OUT to 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 18:03

11 21:48 Sun Sep 13 NW OUT to 226-476-3525 (JAKE CENDRIC) 00:15

12 17:20 Mon Sep 14 WD OUT to 226-236-7342 (CHERYL CENDR) 01:57

13 09:10 Tue Sep 15 WD INC from 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 00:36

14 09:13 Tue Sep 15 WD OUT to 519-489-2728 (ITP-IPT) 00:27

15 21:18 Fri Sep 18 NW OUT to 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 02:45

16 22:45 Fri Sep 18 NW INC from 226-236-7342 (CHERYL CENDR) 01:12

17 22:15 Sun Sep 20 NW OUT to 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 03:34

18 10:45 Mon Sep 21 WD INC from 519-749-4300 (GRD RVR HOSP) 04:14

19 13:08 Mon Sep 21 WD INC from 519-749-4262 (GRH MI DEPT) 01:39

20 09:23 Thu Sep 24 WD INC from 519-719-2947 (RIYA SASTRI) 00:02

21 09:28 Thu Sep 24 WD VM to Voicemail 00:57

22 09:31 Thu Sep 24 WD OUT to 519-719-2947 (RIYA SASTRI) 00:43

23 14:46 Thu Sep 24 WD INC from 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 00:02

24 14:58 Thu Sep 24 WD VM to Voicemail 00:23

25 17:18 Thu Sep 24 NW OUT to 226-476-3525 (JAKE CENDRIC) 00:15

26 17:50 Thu Sep 24 NW OUT to 226-476-3525 (JAKE CENDRIC) 00:12

27 17:56 Thu Sep 24 NW OUT to 519-404-4863 (D HANSON) 01:08

28 19:34 Thu Sep 24 NW OUT to 226-476-3525 (JAKE CENDRIC) 00:13

29 08:21 Fri Sep 25 WD OUT to 519-489-2728 (ITP-IPT) 00:27

30 10:15 Fri Sep 25 WD OUT to 519-579-4270 (ERB INSURANC) 17:43

31 11:31 Sun Sep 27 NW OUT to 519-777-9352 (ALEXANDRA RI) 04:15

33 14:32 Wed Sep 30 WD INC from 519-749-4371 (DR HALABI) 02:45

Total Wireless Usage 104:23

* * *

Request for Translation Service

Instructions: Complete one form for each item to be translated. One form may be used for several personal documents for a single individual.

In House Translations with No Charge:

Russian to English

English to Russian

German to English

Spanish to English

French to English

Italian to English

Additional Charges: Other translations are done by contractors. Contractor completed translations are paid by your department budget.

Submitting a Translation Request: Drop off your request at the ITP/IPT Administration Office

Room 1U21 - 350 Columbia St W, Waterloo ON

Phone: (519-489-2728) or email your request(s) ITPAdministrationStaff@itp-ipt.gc.ca

Please include a signature of approving official and a Common Account Number (CAN) for any request to be translated by a contractor.

Notice: Translation service is available to ITP staff for material relevant to employment/research.

Submitted By:

Name: Dr. Alexandra Ridley

Date: Sept 25, 2015

Office: ITP-TAPA 2U05

Phone No: (519) 777-9352

Signature of Approving Official (who is authorized to approve expenditure and who certifies that this translation is essential to the research effort of ITP/IPT). Only for items to be translated by a contractor: -

Common Account Number (Only for items to be translated by a contractor): -

Material to be Translated:

Type of Document: Emergency Shutdown Procedures

Document Owner’s Name: ITP/IPT

Study Number: -

Amendment/Type: Rev. 2014/03b

Author: -

Journal Citation: -

Translate From: English

Translate To: Russian

Type of Translation Desired: Written

Deadline: Oct 16, 2015

Other Instructions: Electronic copy only, unformatted, preserve section numbering.


Translated By: Daniil Kapriyanov

Reviewed By: Natalya Ivanovna

Returned To: Dr. Alexandra Ridley

Received: Oct 15, 2015

Language: Russian

Number of Words: 9,887

Date Translation Request Received by Administration Office (date logged in): Sept 25, 2015

Started: Sept 26, 2015

Completed: Oct 12, 2015

Next Chapter: Chapter 2