Paul Plante
Such a way with words, poetic is a simple descriptor but doesn't go far enough. Quite the vision
Chrissy Cook
Music and fantasy and world-creation - what a delicious combination! There is plenty of description for fantasy-philes out there, and the two characters we've met thus far seem to have a well-defined relationship and solid characterizations in of themselves. I can see this becoming an epic - especially with the word opus in the title. The idea of the Mylans being receptive to emotions as soundwaves is also interesting, and ties into the musical themes, which I hope to see expand in the future of the story. A promising opening!
Virginia Spotts
Singing! Magic! Ominous fantasy! Yes.
Christopher Lee
I'm a huge fan of any magic system that employs the use of song or music. Keep this one on your radar!
Morton Benning
the introduction of a very interesting main character. Some very engaging descriptive language used. It leaves the reader aptly wondering about what will come next.
James Rasile
Don't miss out on this one! A great unique voice! Worth taking a look at.
Luke Fellner
A well written and highly imaginative story. Very reminiscent of old videogames and the imagination used in the creation of worlds such as The Legend of Zelda. I highly recommend checking it out as I am a huge fan of imagination and videogame-like things.
Eliza Stopps
After reading the first chapter, I am filled with questions. Who is Shun and what about his past haunts him? The Warsinger Opus: The Breaking of Bells snares you and knows just what to say to keep you there. Adventurous, mysterious, and well written. 
Brock Poulsen
Some fantasy nautical adventures, yes please!
Joey Angotti
FRESH is the key word here, this is definitely something fresh, unique and welcomed in the fantasy genre. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this musical masterpiece that Rory Thomassen has in store for us! Check it out!