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Virginia Spotts

Writer, actor, student, and first-time novelist of the sci-fi book "H.R."
Virginia is the author of
The Xarpaxen alien race contacts Libby Evans, interim Director of Human Resources at the largest company in the world. The Xarpaxens are ready to take rightful ownership of Earth’s most valuable resource, the humans, and they’ll need Libby’s help.
Books Virginia Recommends
Singing! Magic! Ominous fantasy! Yes.
The land shapes where the Warsingers make music. Profound masters of war, wielding mysterious weapons of power. Within their crucible of battle the turning of an age comes to a young world. An age tolling with an ominous bell’s insidious fury.
This premise rocks! I'm excited to read more about this mysteriously immortal society. With teleportation. And mosquitos. And New York! Klein's writing is compelling, and this one is going to be hard to ignore.
It’s the year 2147: a time of enduring peace on Earth. The Last War ended half a century ago. We can cure most ills, the air is pure, and teleportation is how we get around. Sounds great, right? So why does everyone suddenly want to kill Joel Byram?
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