Hello lovely readers,

As I sit down to work on The War of Wind and Moon, today, I’ve been sipping my morning coffee and looking through some photos from my time in Japan for inspiration/research on the Kazemoto side of things. I came across this shot which I took while travelling at 300km/hr on the Shinkansen from Nagoya (where I lived at the time) to Tokyo (manual focus is king!) I thought I’d share it with you because it reminds me so much of the spiritual element of The War of Wind and Moon - an ancient Shinto god quietly, faithfully, lovingly watching over a modern industrial world that occasionally takes time to revere Fuji-zan’s beauty but has all but forgotten its true nature, and the destructive power that lies within.  

Industrial Fuji-zan

As always, wishing you courage and creativity in all you do.


Hello lovely readers,

If you are following any of the other wonderful projects here on Inkshares, or running your own, you may have noticed that you haven’t heard from me about The War of Wind and Moon as often as you’ve heard from other authors. There is a reason for that, one that I’ve taken some time to realize, and it’s that neither I nor the story were ready to undertake funding. 

It’s not simply that I’m still writing the first draft but that I’m still discovering the story as I write (as any writer does) and crowdfunding requires that I have more to share than one needs to on an Amazon page or the back of the book in a shop! Each time I sat down to try to pen an update  I realized that I could not be sure that the bit of world-building I was going to share wouldn’t end up being a massive spoiler or, worse, something that I discover won’t actually work as I envisaged it when I get down to writing the relevant scenes. What is more, I need the freedom to be able to change the skeleton of  a story and even some of the world-building that I do have and - whether I was right to feel that way or not - I felt that anything I shared as a funding update would commit me to it. 

So, I’m sending you this update to thank you for your support so far and let you know that I’m going to ask for this project to be switched into ’Draft’ mode so that I can keep working on it here, and updating you but with a different perspective :) 

Those of you kind enough to have already pre-ordered will receive refunds, my understanding is that it happens quite quickly - please do let me know if it doesn’t. Thank you so much for your faith in the book, I hope you will see this as my commitment to making it the very best reading experience for you that I can, rather than as letting you down. 

I hope you’ll continue to follow The War of Wind and Moon, either to be alerted when it is ready to go into funding again, or to be given behind-the-scenes, potentially spoiler-y updates about which I’d appreciate your feedback as readers. Of course, if you prefer not to risk potential spoilers, I’ll completely understand! 

I wish all the writers who are still funding and in the running for the Geek and Sundry contest the very best - I’m a big fan of Sparked and so happy to see how well it is doing!  

Wishing you courage and creativity in all you do,


Hello lovely readers! I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend, or at least a productive one :) 

I want to thank you all for pre-ordering, following, recommending and reviewing The War of Wind and Moon, Season One - your support means the world! A special thank you to Mike Mongo, author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual, for his boundless enthusiasm, advice and support as I try to work out how to be on the funding side of crowd funding (and for tweets like this one which left me speechless!)

 If you followed Wind and Moon before four or five days ago, I’d like to invite you to re-visit the project page to read the slightly re-jigged logline and blurb, thanks to several comments and private messages I received. While all the comments were very supportive of the concept of turning abused children into superheroes, I realized that I’d presented Wind and Moon as a ‘worthy’ concept rather than as a rollicking good story - which it is! The new logline and blurb focus on my protagonist, Mia, and her story, instead. If you were intrigued enough to follow but not pre-order then perhaps this could tempt you to take that next step! 

Later next week, I’ll be putting up chapter 10, in which we will see how Mia, Tak and the Kazemotos will deal with Mia’s collapse and spontaneous attainment of super-vigilance. Chapter 8 & 9 were Mia’s ‘radioactive spider-bite’ scenes - the origin story (for Season One is exactly that: a super-hero origin story) moves into the next phase, now! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I look forward to updating you again soon!

Wishing you courage and creativity, 


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Hello everyone! 
Thank you all so much for your early support of The War of Wind and Moon, Season One, I’ve been blown away by your kind words about the project and the warm welcome to the site as a whole. I think I’m going to be here a while, however this campaign goes! 

I’ll be adding a little incentive to pre-order to the project page, today, and I didn’t want any of you to miss out simply because you followed me so early. As it will be some time until the end of the campaign and, if all goes well, the publishing period, I’d like to offer everyone who pre-orders The War of Wind and Moon something to read in the mean time - in the form of a free eBook copy of my contemporary thriller,  As Long As She Lives

(I’d love to offer you a fantasy novel, which may be more to your taste, but The War of Wind and Moon is my first foray into the genre (as a writer, that is).) 

If real-world suspense (with a little romance) isn’t your thing, feel free to gift the link and (single-use) code to a friend who you think would enjoy it. 

About As Long As She Lives

“…give everyone a different part of your story, then the gossip will be all about putting your story together, not questioning it.”

After 4 years teaching in central Africa, Caitlyn Lancaster returns to her family in Australia, telling them she’s been sent home because of looming political unrest. But Cait is more fragile than she and her Federal police handler anticipated. She’s forced to accept that childhood family friend, now police detective, Riley Duncan must be told the brutal truth if she is to keep herself and her family safe.

With Riley’s support, Cait begins to recover her strength but civil war erupts around her friends in Umoja and her harrowing secret becomes the key to that nation’s future.

Putting her faith in her handler, Cait takes the ultimate risk only to discover that Agent Koffa has failed to take into account one vital detail…he’s not as good at his job as he thinks he is.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks for your support,

Darcy :) 

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9lfyrpph Lena (Helena and Malena) · Author · added over 6 years ago
The writing in this opening is so precise and also so lyrical, surprisingly beautiful for a beginning that details child abuse. Skillful and intriguing--one to watch if you love good prose combined with good story telling.