Darcy Conroy's latest update for The War of Wind and Moon: Season One

Oct 11, 2016

Hello lovely readers,

As I sit down to work on The War of Wind and Moon, today, I’ve been sipping my morning coffee and looking through some photos from my time in Japan for inspiration/research on the Kazemoto side of things. I came across this shot which I took while travelling at 300km/hr on the Shinkansen from Nagoya (where I lived at the time) to Tokyo (manual focus is king!) I thought I’d share it with you because it reminds me so much of the spiritual element of The War of Wind and Moon - an ancient Shinto god quietly, faithfully, lovingly watching over a modern industrial world that occasionally takes time to revere Fuji-zan’s beauty but has all but forgotten its true nature, and the destructive power that lies within.  

Industrial Fuji-zan

As always, wishing you courage and creativity in all you do.