Darcy Conroy's latest update for The War of Wind and Moon: Season One

Oct 7, 2016

Hello lovely readers,

If you are following any of the other wonderful projects here on Inkshares, or running your own, you may have noticed that you haven’t heard from me about The War of Wind and Moon as often as you’ve heard from other authors. There is a reason for that, one that I’ve taken some time to realize, and it’s that neither I nor the story were ready to undertake funding. 

It’s not simply that I’m still writing the first draft but that I’m still discovering the story as I write (as any writer does) and crowdfunding requires that I have more to share than one needs to on an Amazon page or the back of the book in a shop! Each time I sat down to try to pen an update  I realized that I could not be sure that the bit of world-building I was going to share wouldn’t end up being a massive spoiler or, worse, something that I discover won’t actually work as I envisaged it when I get down to writing the relevant scenes. What is more, I need the freedom to be able to change the skeleton of  a story and even some of the world-building that I do have and - whether I was right to feel that way or not - I felt that anything I shared as a funding update would commit me to it. 

So, I’m sending you this update to thank you for your support so far and let you know that I’m going to ask for this project to be switched into ’Draft’ mode so that I can keep working on it here, and updating you but with a different perspective :) 

Those of you kind enough to have already pre-ordered will receive refunds, my understanding is that it happens quite quickly - please do let me know if it doesn’t. Thank you so much for your faith in the book, I hope you will see this as my commitment to making it the very best reading experience for you that I can, rather than as letting you down. 

I hope you’ll continue to follow The War of Wind and Moon, either to be alerted when it is ready to go into funding again, or to be given behind-the-scenes, potentially spoiler-y updates about which I’d appreciate your feedback as readers. Of course, if you prefer not to risk potential spoilers, I’ll completely understand! 

I wish all the writers who are still funding and in the running for the Geek and Sundry contest the very best - I’m a big fan of Sparked and so happy to see how well it is doing!  

Wishing you courage and creativity in all you do,