Janna Grace's latest update for The Talkers are Talking

Dec 20, 2015

Hello readers!  First if all, I have to thank the wonderful A.C. Weston for her amazing efforts; I don't know about you, but I was blown away by the inaugural Review-a-thon! And I would not be upset if this became a frequent event ☺

Next, thank you to the reviewers who were sent to my page (and those amazing few who weren't)for taking the time to read my story and share your reactions. It means the world to me and really revives the passion to get back to it! I am eagerly reviewing back and have been amazed by the stories that I hadn't stumbled upon yet. For starters, you have to check out Munro's Bones of the Past, link below: 


I  was so taken with Munro's characters that I read every bit he had posted before writing me review. Then I read it again! Nial and Zuly are quickly becoming my favorite character to follow.

Next, for magic, sacrifice and an urgent sense of the epic, check out Berg's Prophecy of the Stars, link below;


The sweet sadness and coming danger is alive in every word and I promise you won't be able to put this one down. There is poetry, there is magic, and I think there is a budding female protagonist who will carry us through an unmatched tale of vengeance.

In other words...I am so grateful for the two I was assigned, but I definitely didn't stop there! There are too many amazing projects to mention, but I just want to send a shout out to Cory Wyszynski's U-Turn at the Next Synapse. Link below:


His story is told with a grit and no-excuse brutality that will hold you breathless as you are thrown between two completely different worlds. Check it out; you won't turn back  😉

Next round of business: Syndicates! I have been exploring the idea and am sold. Watch for a new one very soon (just trying to get through grading a million papers and final exams before the semester officially ends on the 22nd). I am excited about starting one and hope I can pull a few of you in to help me support incredible authors every month in a pooled effort!

Lastly, I have a ton of credits about to expire, so please, if I haven't backed your project yet, pitch it or reach out at jliggan@gmail.com or on twitter @lamplitug. I try to support all the ones I can and am sure I have missed a few! (Also, as always, would love to swap preorders too!)

Much love and I hope you all have a splendid holiday season!!