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As the funding period for this book winds down, it looks like Inkshares will not be publishing this book at this time. But fear not! This project will be completed later this year and will be made available in some form, if not here then somewhere. For all of you who were kind enough to take a chance on me and pre-order, I will be sending you a free ebook version of the final novel since I feel bad that you wasted your credits on me. (That goes for anyone who orders before the deadline, by the way.) Also, I will leave the project up for anyone who wants to follow and get updates on the book. I have a couple of other projects in the works which are 80% done that need to get done first, plus a regular day job, so it won’t be next week, but I have so much fun writing this I can’t stop. Thanks again for your interest, and I hope to talk to you again soon.

Just in case twenty people haven't already told you, we're down to the last day of the Sword & Laser Collection Contest. If you were waiting until the last minute to pick your favorite, wait no longer – the end is nigh. You must pre-order before noon PST Jan 15th for your vote to count.

That doesn't mean that this is the end for these books, however. Most of the non-winning books will continue their funding drives for several weeks, myself included. While it would be cool to get the S&L seal of approval, I think I speak for all the writers here in saying that selling 250 copies and getting in the Quill collection would be a damn fine consolation prize. So use up those credits or dig in the couch cushions. Help support one of the great writers here at Inkshares.

Just a quick reminder that there are only a few days left in the second Sword & Laser Collection Contest. If you are thinking of supporting one of these fine science fiction or fantasy projects, now is the time.I honestly didn't think I would win, but I did achieve my more humble goal of not finishing in last place. You can find all the selections including (*ahem*cough*cough*) mine at https://www.inkshares.com/contests/the-sword-laser-collection-contest-the-sequel/submissions.

Also, sorry but no new chapter this week as I am working on other deadlines. The funding period for this project will continue until March 3rd, and I will have some more content up before then either here or on my blog at seansandulak.com. Thanks for reading.

The next installment of "The Problem with Prophecy" as promised. In this chapter, we come face to face with the evil demi-goddesss who is a little cranky after being woken up from her thousand year nap. Also, some old-fashioned tomb raiding, dead things walking, and a barbarian with anger issues. (What a surprise!)

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It's not Monday yet, but here is Chapter Four of "The Problem with Prophecy" as promised. In this installment our "heroes" crash a funeral, walk into an invisible wall, get an innocent man killed, and find the next clue in their quest to find the Five Hands of Fate. 

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Hey people, what do you do when you're procrastinating instead of writing? You make your own book trailer of course. It's only a minute long, but I tried to capture some of the feel of the book as best as I could. I hope you like.

In other PWP news, Chapter Three is up on Inkshares. This chapter introduces the B plot and a couple of new characters, including the main antagonist and her reluctant gnome priest. Here's just a taste:

* * *

Chapter Three

The crash of nearby thunder woke the tired old gnome from his uneasy slumber. He’d hoped that the storm was going to pass him by this time. His luck being what it was, however, he should have known better. His rickety lean-to of dead branches and dirty straw wouldn’t be enough to keep out the heavy rain, and that meant he’d have to take refuge in the temple.

He hated that place, preferring to face the cold nights bundled in rags and dead leaves rather than be near that evil altar. The shrine was what kept him bound to this ruined fortress and this miserable life. Countless generations ago, one of his ancestors had insulted K’lu Satal, a demi-goddess and powerful mage. She had bound his blood and forced him to serve as her priest in retaliation, a curse passed down through the family line to this day. He took some comfort that the suffering of a thousand years would end with him – he had no children to pass on his tainted legacy to – but the shrine was, as his old bones constantly reminded him, the only building in the fortress left with an intact roof.

He gathered the hot embers from what remained of his fire just as the clouds burst, and ran as fast as his frail legs would carry him into the temple. He took one last breath of fresh air before forcing the door closed to block out the wind.

The dim red glow was the first indication that something had changed. It was hard to see inside even at midday without the braziers being lit, and the money for candles had run out a decades ago. The chamber should have been pitch black.

On a dais opposite the doors, a ten foot tall statue of his mistress stood with arms outstretched toward the empty room. The pews and other furniture had been sold off or burned for warmth by his predecessors long ago, but no one had ever wanted the hideous lump of carved granite with the skeletal face. Not that the curse would have permitted him to get rid of it, but he always imagined it would make a most effective scarecrow. Especially now when it was glowing ominously with magical energy.

* * *

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Next week: Chapter Four


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Chapter Two is up!

Hello all. Just a note to let you know that since the Sword & Laser are holding another collection contest, I've decided to put "The Problem with Prophecy" up for pre-orders again. I've put the first chapter up for you to browse. If you enjoy it, please share it and help get the word out.  Thanks for your support.

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