Sean Sandulak's latest update for The Problem with Prophecy

Jan 14, 2016

Just in case twenty people haven't already told you, we're down to the last day of the Sword & Laser Collection Contest. If you were waiting until the last minute to pick your favorite, wait no longer – the end is nigh. You must pre-order before noon PST Jan 15th for your vote to count.

That doesn't mean that this is the end for these books, however. Most of the non-winning books will continue their funding drives for several weeks, myself included. While it would be cool to get the S&L seal of approval, I think I speak for all the writers here in saying that selling 250 copies and getting in the Quill collection would be a damn fine consolation prize. So use up those credits or dig in the couch cushions. Help support one of the great writers here at Inkshares.