Sean Sandulak's latest update for The Problem with Prophecy

Mar 1, 2016

Hello readers,

As the funding period for this book winds down, it looks like Inkshares will not be publishing this book at this time. But fear not! This project will be completed later this year and will be made available in some form, if not here then somewhere. For all of you who were kind enough to take a chance on me and pre-order, I will be sending you a free ebook version of the final novel since I feel bad that you wasted your credits on me. (That goes for anyone who orders before the deadline, by the way.) Also, I will leave the project up for anyone who wants to follow and get updates on the book. I have a couple of other projects in the works which are 80% done that need to get done first, plus a regular day job, so it won’t be next week, but I have so much fun writing this I can’t stop. Thanks again for your interest, and I hope to talk to you again soon.