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Prologue: New Game+ and New Life


Every journey started with small step whether it is an offline world or online world.

Several years ago, a new game was released into the web. It was heralded as the hardest game ever made and mysteriously no one claims the ownership to the game.

The gameplay involved an open-world rpg with no distinctive class and highly advanced A.I . The advanced A.I can hold a real-time conversation. Some of the function of this A.I is improving themselves without the player intervention. To the point some even disregard the real world social life and engaged with the game world social life. This game are also praised for it thousands of active and passive skills with magic crafting system, a system that allow player to create it own magic provided they have enough skill point and no apparent level caps. The game utilized the legion and party system. Legion is the gaming world equivalent to the Guild like any other game. Player and the advanced A.I also can create anything as long as they have the blueprint and enough material.

The game name is "The New Destiny".

My name is Harris Cage. Few years ago I found a game called "The New Destiny".

The plot of this game is simple, conquering hundreds of dungeons in the world of TND . And finally, defeat the evil god; Eternal God. TND world pride themselves with world as large as the Mars

Well lets talk about me. Previously, I was a soldier in a certain country in the East. Now I worked for a company that provided a certain service for governments or corporates or individuals that need works to get done without nobody knows provided the cash is flowing. I was their best operators until I got hooked with the game. With my performance steadily dropping, the company decided that firing me is the best for everyone. Then I continued playing with the game until my lovely girlfriend nagged me and leaving me. Depression took me in and I then devoted my life to the game.

5 years passes, I finally managed to reach the end game.

"Ah, now that I finished this game what should I do now?"

Emptiness flooded both my heart and mind. With nothing to do, I scanned the room I current occupied. Empty cup noodles and dirty laundries lays all over the floor. Musky smell penetrating every inch of the room.

I dragged myself to the bathroom. A man appeared in the mirror. His face has thick beard and long unkempt hair. Visible and blacken eye bags can be seen on his face.

I see, this man is the me now. This looked nothing like me several years ago.

If only Mary is here, she would have taken care of me. To thing I let her go because of the game.

“Maybe I should make up with her. But first, I need to get myself haircut and shaving.”

Quick cold shower revitalizes my tired body.


I’m standing in front of the mirror inside a barber. With clean cut hair and the smell of after shaving cream permeating the air, I make my way to Mary’s apartment. A short journey from the barber, I brought a bouquet of roses as a token of apologies. A ten minute taxi ride, I finally arrive at her apartment.

After several flight of stairs, I finally standing in front of her door.

I pushed the buzzer.

A stoic manly voice sudden hailed from the speaker.

" Yes? Who are you?"

"Ah, I’m looking for Mary."

"If that girl you looking for, she leave this apartment after she got married three years ago."

"I see. Thank you."

Heart-broken and tired, I grabbed a taxi and went to a bar.

" Sir, are you okay? That is the 14th glasses of whiskey you are having."

"Nah I’m not oke...y. My love leaves me because of me being a fool."

The bartender only smile and keep polishing his glass not saying a single words.

"I’m going to close the tab. How much?"

"100 Dollar, do you need a taxi?"

"Expensive. No thanks, my apartment is close by."

Ah, I am a fool. If not for that game, I am married by now. What should I do now?

An hour later, I finally arrived at my home and quickly dropped to the floor of my room. Hm what that?

Something is showing on my PC, [NEW GAME +]. I quickly move my mouse over the button. The tooltip quickly give me an explanation.


Congratulations! You have finish the game and finally unlock a new game + mode. This mode proudly will give you several advantages including 500 starting point and highly realistic gameplay that make you thing that you actually in the other world. New Game + also introduce a new race called Demon race,a new world different from normal mode, hundreds of new monsters, procedural quest generators and hundreds of new dungeons.Happy Playing and Good Luck.>;;;;;

I see. New Game +. Should I play it? Not like I got anything to lose anymore. Go to hell with my life! [NEW GAME +] Start Now! and everything when dark.

Water! What the hell? I quickly swim upward and noticing that I’m inside a rapidly moving river. Pulling every ounce of energy in my muscles i swim to the shore. What happen? I was in my room just now. Kidnapped and dropped here? Fail assassination and body disposal? Prank?

First thing first, I need information of my whereabouts. Weird, last thing I remember is that it is in the middle of the night. Now the sun is high in the sky. I dont even know anything about the ecosystem here. Its weird. Except for the fish, a strip likes tiger, a fish only known in the world of TND , it is ;. Then , I really am not in the same world as Earth.

Hah. Maybe I should wash my face first. WOW! I am young. Its look likes my face 20, 25 years ago. If it the same system TND maybe I can invoke that.


Name: Harris Cage

Age :16

Occupation: Not Available,

Former Operator

Race: Human

Level : 1











Skill Point Available: 500pt


Not Available


Not Available


Not Available


Ghost,The Intelligent One, Show Off, Demon, Mr.Operator, Heart Broken

"Status Close"

"If this is the same world, how should I survive?"

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