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Chapter 2 and Goblin Nest


The goblins that I just killed seem to have a nest near me. Even though the tiredness of killing them earlier seem to have gone now that I’ve leveled up. During my play through, the player character will recover all the stamina and mana after level up. It seems like the feature is still maintained.

Using my newfound strength, I decided to follow the track of the goblins. Around 200 - 300 steps to the south of my makeshift camp, I found a small abandon village. Possibly overran by the horde and killed.

I then start my recon around the village. Every step I make, I tried not to make any noise. Carefully stepping on the ground, making sure that I will not step on any dry branches or dead leaves. Slowly, carefully and then...


YES! My heart is screaming for joy.
Let max this up.



Hahahahaha..lets me cry of joy first.


~At max level, the user can activate this skill and can completely silent the step whether running or stepping on the dry leaves or trapped without triggering one. Skill cancel when the user gets into enemy line of sight.

Hoho, Christmas come early to me. Let’s pair it up with Assassination Skill.




~When activated, granted the user critical chance at 10%X skill level.

Gosh, I’m broken now. If I have this skill in the real world, I can become the world best assassin. I’ll become unstoppable. Killing someone before they even knew what hit them.

Well, no use crying over spilled milk. Let’s continue the recon.

The village is surrounded by wooden wall creating circular shape much like how Iroquois village is. At one side of the wall, were opening guarded by 4 Goblin armed with the wooden clubs and rustic swords.

Let’s get a better view.

I climbed a tree that is twice the height of the wall.

Let see, let see.

Six huts, a clearing in the center. And in the middle of the clearing is a cage with several figures. Around the cage, we have several goblins, some armed, some don’t. Leading them is a goblin with the robe. A new monster eh.

Oh, something happens, an elderly goblin approaches the leader. Seem like heated arguments are happening. The elder then pointed to the cage and one of the goblins dragged someone out by pulling the hair. The other person is trying to protect her but the goblin bludgeons her to death.

Shit! It’s a girl. I should have known it.


*Girl POV*

It’s been several days since I was caught.

I’m hungry. Hungry. The goblins feed us sometimes but the food is so disgusting.

The other three lady is so pale, tired and stink.One of them is my friend, my protector. Every night they will be dragged into the hut. Then there is screaming. And hoarse laughter by the goblins. And several hours later, they will be dragged back. My friend, Luna always said everything will be alright. But the goblins are scary, I might be next.

My worse fear finally come. The elder is fighting with the scary mage goblin. He then pointed toward me. A moment later a goblin comes and dragged me by the hair.

"LUNA! Help me! HELP ME!"

Before Luna can help me, the goblin bludgeon her. The blood. It’s so many.

"Luna? Luna? LUNAAA!"

The strength quickly left me. It’s hurt. Please help me.

Help me, anyone, anyone. I will pay you anything, my father will pay you anything.

He dragged me to a hut where the old goblin come from.