Leo Valiquette
Allison Plitt Basile’s opening paints a deliciously wicked picture of the suburban middle class. I don’t know if I will root for either of these characters or hope they both get their just desserts. One thing is certain – I want to read more to find out.
dean fearce
If Allison's log line and bio on the About page don't hook you, then read the first chapter of The Little Book of Bad Intentions. She's got a terrific premise and the writing chops to pull it off. Looking forward to seeing this one come to life!
Mary Ann Katherine
Can’t wait to keep reading! The characters have really come to life in just two chapters. How can I love and hate Tessie at the same time?! Keep it coming!
Matt Farley
Allison is adapt at drawing the reader in using vivid imagery and brisk action. The premise itself is great and I eagerly away the third chapter.
Douglas Payne
Allison has written an excellent book that I could not put down. As the reader, I was not only intrigued by the premise of the tale but I was also captivated by the story itself. This is not the work of a novice writer making a first hopeful attempt but a
Reader Writer
Wonderful twist in the very first chapter! Brava! Wonderful descriptions and pacing. Debra
Walter Samuelson
Remarkably well written and refreshingly funny, but in an oddly sorrowful way - can't quite put my finger on it, but can't stop reading