Matt Farley

Writer working on The Last Beacon, a new mystery novel perfect for fans of science fiction and horror.
Matt is the author of
Tragedy swallows an idyllic small town when a boy is found dead atop the local lighthouse. While hunting for his killer, a young detective who harbors her own destructive secret discovers a threat that could unravel the very fabric of reality.
Books Matt Recommends
Resurgence gets off to a strong and admiral start. Dodd thrusts you right into the actions, providing with you tantalizing breadcrumbs along the way as he builds a unique and exciting world around his young hero.
To prevent a rebellion, a boy was murdered, covered up by the President. But now, 17-year-old Easton is back, ready for revenge, with a sword, new body, and an orphan’s special gift—if he can survive his stepmother’s promise to destroy him.
C.M. Kelly offers a dark and gripping opening to his fantasy world immediately sets a tone and pace that have been eager to read more.
4 separate individuals, 4 separate walks of life, an unnatural being hellbent on destroying the world. With such an unlikely alliance, how can they begin to save the world when they can’t save themselves?
Matthew’s descriptions of death and magic are vivid, and his writing style kept me moving through the first chapter at a great pace. I’m keeping my eye on this draft and look forward to more!
Five Asylum worlds lost for Millennia in a remote corner of the Galaxy are found by a marauding intergalactic race, a savage iron age Empire with mastery of an ancient World gate system. But the Asylum worlds are not like other worlds!
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by Stephen King
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