Matt Farley

Writer working hard on Beyond the Red Circle, a new mystery novel perfect for fans of science fiction and horror.
Matt is the author of
Tragedy swallows an idyllic small town when a boy is found dead atop the local lighthouse. While hunting for the killer, a young detective who harbors her own destructive secret discovers a threat that could unravel the very fabric of reality.
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Books Matt Recommends
I love mysteries, especially when they involve a key and a locked box. Ricky crafts a compelling opening to this novel around a desk and an emotional connection around it that instantly leaves you wanting to read more.
A discontented, down-on-his-luck college student risks his life navigating a dangerous past to find and stop the man responsible for the talent show tragedy that caused his grandmother’s death.
Dean writes with an excellent descriptive voice that creates horror and tension within just a few short paragraphs. Can’t wait to read more of Mine!
A territorial psychotherapist must find the murderer hunting his patients before the police pin the crimes on him.
Allison is adapt at drawing the reader in using vivid imagery and brisk action. The premise itself is great and I eagerly away the third chapter.
An aging playboy races against the clock to murder his ruthless trophy wife—before Alzheimer’s sets in, and he can’t remember where he’s stashed the body.
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by Stephen King
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