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Walter Samuelson

Writer at heart, community lawyer by day, avid dreamer by night.
Walter is the author of
A mere drop in a sea of ill-fated randomness or a divine lesson in living? A young man contemplates life atop a cliff, but is it his life he’s pondering? See the world through his eyes and find out what you really are
Books Walter Recommends
Incredibly heart-wrenching and an important story to be told. Well written and captivating
In 2010, I traveled to Cairo and accidentally fell in love with an injured, starving dog. Experiencing Egypt’s notorious animal cruelty firsthand, I became involved with an animal rescue in Cairo in a bid to bring my street dog home.
A descriptive genius. Wonderfully written - paints a picture so clear there would be left for dispute here in a movie adaptation
The year is 2090. America has alienated itself from the rest of the world. Patch Collins once again finds herself in unfamiliar terrain as she continues to unfold the true history of a country she loves despite its shortcomings.
This is an awesome premise with great setting in northern Ireland. The story that lives within these excerpts is uniquely novel and intriguing
A journalist writes a book hoping to find closure for a series of unsolved homicide cases which still haunt him decades later. When the killer re-emerges threatening his family, he must use his knowledge of the past crimes to prevent future crimes.
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