Ricky Ruszin
Farley's style is incredibly accessible with descriptions that paint a full picture. His main character is established quickly and efficiently while posing an interesting mystery and chapter endings that leave you compelled to read more.
Evelyn Barouch
Matt has a masterful grasp of word choice and tone setting that make you feel like you’re right there in the midst of it all. Within the first few paragraphs, I was hooked. Eager to read more!
Michael Gordon
Within a few sentences I knew Matt Farley was going to spin a compellingly terrifying tale. The use of language and imagery in the opening chapter alone is incredible and I'm excited (and a little nervous) to find out what's coming next.
dean fearce
Matt's got a solid premise and shows great potential with this project. He's also a solid dude who's got my back.
Walter Samuelson
Definitely David Lynchesk morphed kind of a style. Paints a real horrifying picture with words. Also really good identification with character core. Really puts you inside their nervous system.
Matt Farley opens with a haunting tale of suspense and a plethora of disturbingly vivid imagery that makes me thankful for the lamp nearby, as both a makeshift defense mechanism and source of comfort.
Lynn Morgan Rosser
(First chapter review.) Farley sets up the imagery and tension for a supernatural/horror thriller. There is a sense of brooding darkness hanging over a charming coastal town, centering on its lighthouse and the Keeper. I will be reading more!”
Ryan Goetz
Started reading the first few sentences out of curiosity, and before I knew it I was through the first chapter. Matt's intense descriptions suck you in immediately, while his energetic pacing makes you constantly thirst for more.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Matt has an impressive writing form that produces vivid imagery and exceptionally well crafted atmosphere. I am eager to see more of The Red Circle
Allison Basile
Matt engages you immediately in an immersive, nightmarish dreamscape. Is the protagonist gripped by a terrible premonition? Or is he already trapped in a grisly apocalypse, where tentacled creatures eat your insides like candy? I can't wait to find out!