Tea drinking Penguins and a Highly Unpadded Elephant

Chapter 1.0

1.0 Tea drinking Penguins and a Highly Unpadded Elephant

Our story begins simply enough in the remote location of the southwestern African coast on a small blue planet called earth. Somewhere there is a rather large unexplained apple tree and a rather confused elephant called Arthur who accidentally just so happened to travel to the coast. You see the elephant has been picking at this tree for sometime now almost two years wishing this tree would turn into a peanut tree as he was told it would by a friend of his only two years earlier. Come to think of it the elephant said to himself he wasn't my friend and in-fact it may have just been a thought I had; yes, yes it was I remember now I was looking into a pool of water thinking about just this sort of thing when I thought: what if that apple tree behind me could turn into a peanut tree.

The “Sterculia Quadrifida or Red-Fruited Kurrajong also known as the Peanut tree not only looks nothing like an apple tree but is actually located no where near our elephant or even near Africa; however this is not the sort of thing that would concern our elephant. Standing only a few feet away from the elephant were some angry penguins who were trying to enjoy a cup of tea but had to very often duck and dodge flying apples which were now all over in the sand causing a small trip hazard to the less intelligent of the penguins. One penguin was so smart that as he sat drinking tea he was struck in the head with an apple and discovered not only that something like that hurts but he discovered E=MC2 and often hurts penguins, this thought has hurt so many penguins that even to say E=MC2 you are shot out of a very large cannon and placed in the middle of the ocean. It has taken two long hurtful years but the penguins have figured out that there is a rather dumb elephant throwing apples in there direction. “Hey you” yelled the head penguin, the elephant stopped and turned around to notice that the area has been populated by a small heard of very well dressed animals he wondered if this had anything to do with the apples in the sand; “Why are you throwing apples at our tea party?” said the penguin. “Tea Party?” I am simply trying to get this tree to turn into a peanut tree said the elephant, I think it is starting to work I have got most of the apples off of it and now some peanuts can grow here. The penguins stared at each other and wondered if this elephant was the dumbest creature or the smartest creature they have ever met; they even silently wondered if he had said E=MC2 and was shot out of one too many cannons.

1.1 The loud boom and a flash of light

With all the arguing going on no one noticed the small light in the sky which is moving at great speeds towards them. “Take a break” said the penguin as he sipped his tea; strangely enough if you are wondering what type of tea penguins like they only like “Earl Grey tea” no reason they just like the name; also strangely enough northern Antarctic penguins do not like tea and find it rather repulsive for no other reason then they have never heard of “Earl Grey tea” and actually have nothing to do with our story. “I am almost done picking the apples off of this tree” the elephant was starting to have a great dislike for these penguins and would have them all go away as soon as this tree grew some peanuts. The light in the sky was much larger now and some of the penguins were starting to look up at it, the elephant took this as snobbery and did not much care for it. With a large boom the rest of the apples fell from the tree and the elephant finally noticed the bright light coming towards his apple tree. The penguins began sipping the tea faster now in hopes that they would not waste any tea if they were in fact going to die from this large light that is now hurdling towards them. RUN! They yelled as they started to waddle away trying to avoid the apples and now trying to avoid a large elephant who was running very clumsily through them tossing penguins aside and running for his life. Soon they made it to a large stone that they felt would serve as a safe place to rest until they could go back to drinking tea and the elephant could go back to his apple tree. With a large boom and a flash of light a small object landed in the sand near the stone that is hiding our elephant and some angry penguins who just so happened to notice that the object is shaped like a large apple, no doubt the elephant recognized the shape and felt a little guilty. The animals all gathered around the object to see what it was exactly noticing some small shiny white letters and numbers on the side that read: Hemophilia 001 on the side and had a small opening on the other side. Just as the penguins were about to yell at the elephant for throwing this impossible apple shaped object at them they all heard “Teleportation Replacement transportation scanning complete” with another flash and a boom there was nothing, no penguins, no apples in the sand, no rather confused elephant and no shiny red apple shaped object. There was however a large peanut tree where the apple tree once stood but thats another story all together and we will save it for later.

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