Rochelle Campbell
The Devil You Don't starts of with a lot of curious interactions. You begin to unravel what's happening and the REAL story emerges! This is a great read and I look forward to reading more!
Reader Writer
Immediately I was sucked into Mara's world - her feelings, her atmosphere. I was blown away by the story unfolding and can't wait to read the full story in The Devil You Don't.
Mike X Welch
The promise of this book is what Chuck Palahniuk's Damned could've been if he hadn't crawled so far up his own ass. Remarkably poised writing, well-imagined characters, and biting humor drove me to buy this book today. Go and do likewise, as Blake says.
Alexandra Welch
Rich characterization and world building, and it doesn't get any more star crossed than demons and angels in love.
Hell as a corporation. Another reason to stay on the nice list
Benjamin Gray
Its rough edges are so charming. I'm looking forward to the hot stuff!
Nice story with a lot of promise