Billy O’Keefe
I can say for a fact that there’s nothing more inconvenient than waking up inside a coffin.
Joshua Griffith
a story from the zombie's POV, who wouldn't like to know what a zombie is thinking. this one is from Rob the zombie and his everlasting crusade for brains.
Ken Lindsey
This one is sure to be a great dark comedy in top form. Check it out!
Martin L. Serrano
Love how the story is written. The humor is well written and the inner monologue keeps the reader entertained and laughing.
P.H. James
If you enjoy a good horror comedy then check this out NOW! Definitely one of the funniest books hiding out on Inkshares.
P.H. James
This book is hilarious!! Period. The title alone made me laugh when I read it, and the story is equally as clever. This ‘coming of death’ tale of Rob’s journey into ‘zombiehood’ is a creative and entertaining take on the classic sympathetic villain. Joshua has managed to turn a normally mindless monster into a well-developed protagonist who is witty, conflicted, and actually quite insightful. This is a delightful piece of horror comedy that is sure to put a smile on your face.
A. White
After watching the Walking Dead with my kids I said I would never pay attention to anymore zombies. But this one is intriguing. I want to see where it goes. Author of Clash with the Immortals.
Nick Travers
Great premise in Joshua Griffith's The Decaying Destiny of Rob the Zombie.
Prescott Harvey
This is a hilarious premise. Nicely done.
James Rasile
Grabbed me from the opening sentence! Dark Humor at its best, definitely check this one out!